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Q: Are there any celebrities in the movie Twilight with special needs?
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Does any of the Cullen or hales have any special needs in the movie twilight out of the family of the cullens and hales?


Can special needs people also be celebrities?


Is there any one in the saga twilight with special needs?

no not really the closest one is billy(jake's dad) who is in a wheel chair

What information is found on the website famousmales?

The website famousmales contains all one needs to know about famous male celebrities. One can search a movie title and then find out more about the actors in the movie.

Why do you have to be a professional to audtion for twilight?

So the movie will be excellently represented. The movie needs to be just as amazing as the book, Twilight, was. The movie is looked foreward to by all fans of the book and standards are already set pretty high . Professional actors need to be used, instead of actors that have no idea what they know what they are doing, so that the movie meets these standards.

Twilight series needs improvement?

Why would it?

Is special needs hyphenated in the following sentence your child has special-needs?

No, special needs are tow special words as you see them. I am a special needs gentleman who enjoys playing with men, other children, and women.David Wesson. :)

What services are provided by Children With Special Needs?

The services that are provided by Children With Special Needs is care and treatment of special needs kids. The company also provides schooling for special needs kids.

How do you teach mathematics online to students with special needs?

it depends what "special needs" they have.

Handicapped vs special needs?

A handicapped person is one that has a disability. However, a special needs person may not be disabled but needs special care.

Is 'New Moon' a good movie?

Yes. It was a great movie. It didn't completely follow the book but for me at least a movie only needs to be interesting for it to be good. I however thought the movie was awful. But I hate Twilight with a deep passion. So it really depends if you liked the other Twilight movies or if you don't like movies about vampires and werewolves.

What are special needs?

Special needs can range from behavior disorders, mental, physical and emotional disabilities.