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Microsoft offers free online classes for Powerpoint. Just go to the following link

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Yes there are online nursing asistant training classes available. Visit to find out more information and to apply.

Yes, online classes are available for ACT tests. On most sites there is a fee for the training online training. Sites like provide both online and in person training.

Classes in Lab Safety Training are available online and can be purchased and completed at the following website:

CNA Training typically lasts 6-12 months. This does vary based on the school. Classes are available online as well as locally.

There are Adobe Photoshop training classes available on the official website, these classes teach you how to get the most out of your Adobe Photoshop. There are also no class fees.

Phlebotomy training is available online through multiple venues and typically costs $300 -$700. While online training offers the advantage of taking classes on a variable schedule, most online schools recommend hands-on training in addition to the online coursework.

Many online colleges will offer computer training classes as one of their online classes. If you go to the following website, you take free online microsoft training classes.

No, while you can take some classes online. You will not be able all your classes online>. You need some on-the-job training.

Microsoft training courses are available to help master Microsoft programs such as Excel, Word, Access, and Powerpoint. Microsoft offers these courses online on its website,

To get business training, you can take classes online or at your local community college. Try or The University Of Phoenix offers business classes as well and they are available online.

There are a lot of classes about food safety available today. Classes at school are available at the Food Safety Institute and online training are available at ServSafe. For online practice tests, they are available at has tutorials and online, instructor-led classes for PowerPoint. All for free. I don't know which version of PowerPoint you have but if you visit, you can see the tutorials available for 2000 and up. The online classes are based on the information you can find in the tutorials but it has that feedback that a lot of people like through having an instructor you can work with. The instructor led classes are only in PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010. At the end of the online class, you'll receive a certificate of completion that you may also use for Continuing Education Units. Complete disclosure: I work with but the program is supported by Goodwill and it is quality educational content for absolutely free. Check it out!

Yes, cna training classes online is equivalent to the actual degree you get from universities.

There are indeed many online places that offer online classes and/or courses on Microsoft Excel. One such website is sponsored by Microsoft at: Microsoft Learning Training.

Beleive it or not there are online classes for mechanics. You can attend classes at, and then there is also There are many places to study to beome a mechanic. If you are going to work for a company, many companies offer their own training.

Here is list of the best Online Computer Training classes: -, -, -

Paralegal classes are available online. You don't need any previous training to take paralegal classes online, but you will be learning how you can assist a legal lawyer with his work. Once you complete the school, you can become a certified paralegal.

There are many different types of online vocational training classes that you can find on the internet. First I would try to see if your college has an classes in that area that you could take online.

Microsoft offers video based training at their site (Microsoft Office Online). In addition, Saskatchewan Schools offers a free 14-part course online at Microsoft offers online training on PowerPoint. These basic courses are free to take.

There are many online business classes available on line at and also many free classes that are available online at

CNA Classes Online CNA Online Home Training Education Classes

Online EKG classes are widely available and a common practice. Among the plethora of choices are classes at and

Yes, many computer and information technology related (IT) classes are available online. Some of these classes are available at,, and numerous others.

Yes, the American Red Cross provides online training classes. Their website has information for online classes and prices.

Yes, a wide variety of computer training classes are available online. Search for the specific type of class (i.e., graphic design, spreadsheet, networking, etc.) on a search website or contact a local community organization for more information.