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Last I heard, "no" but one may be in development. Check out , it's a great resource.

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Q: Are there any decent supercharger kits out for this car?
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Is it illegal to put a Turbo and a Supercharger in your car?

As long as it passes emissions... in the USA, no. Most manufacturers have 50 state legal kits.

Which is harder to put in a turbocharger or a supercharger?

a turbocharger. unless you are comparing a turbo kit to DIY supercharging. See what is available for your car. Turbo kits are more elaborate, but if you cant find a supercharger kit, you will have an easier time buying and installing the turbo kit that making a supercharger setup yourself.

Where can one purchase car model kits?

Model car kits can be purchased at all kinds of stores. There are special hobby shops that have the model car kits and many chain stores have the kits.

How much does a decent car cost?

A decent car costs about 15,000

Do any of the car accessory combo kits come with cup holders?

Yes, many combo kits from stores such as and walmart have cupholders.

What is a electric supercharger?

An electric supercharger is essentially an electric motor run off a car's alternator driving a high speed fan which attempts to force more air into a car's air intake. The idea is the same as a turbocharger or supercharger, the more air and fuel forced into the combustion chamber the more power that will be developed by the engine. The only difference between a turbocharger or supercharger and the electric supercharger is that the electric supercharger is limited by how much power the car's battery and alternator can supply whereas a turbocharger and supercharger is limited by the amount of power the engine can supply which is significantly greater in comparison.

What is contained in car emergency kits?

There are many things contained in car emergency kits. Examples of items contained in car emergency kits include flashlights, blankets, food, and money.

What companies offer aftermarket ipod car kits?

There are several companies that offer these kits. One obvious company that sells them is Apple. Other companies that offer these kits are Amazon and I Car Kits.

What make a car whine when pressing gas?


What GTP means in Pontiac?

means the car has a supercharger

Whining noise when excelerating grand prix gtp?

This car is equipped with a Supercharger. All superchargers whine. This is normal and is inherently something you live with when you drive a car equipped with a supercharger.

Where can I buy a decent gas can?

Decent gas cans can be bought in any car shop or else anyone working in a car shop will be able to tell you where you will be able to find one and you will be able to use it

How much does a stock size e supercharger add to your bhp on a stock normal car?

depending on the size of the supercharger.. 30% to 40%

Where do I find automotive tools?

Halfords is a good first stop for handy tools to have in the car, as they provide all sorts of kits, such as breakdown kits, and spare bulb kits. The AA or RAC also provide car kits.

How do body kits help your car?

Most body kits are said to help your vehicle go thru the air better and routes the air either under, or around and past your car so you can go faster, or get better gas mileage. But you need to fidn out what a body kit weighs. Sometimes you end up bolting on more weight and lose the benefit of the kit as far as any horsepower or gas mileage gains. Some kits are made to allow you to put wider tires on your car. Some kits are made to direct air to a cooler or turbo Some kits are made to hold your car down in the rear at high speeds Some kits are made to press your car down as the air flows over it improving adhesion to the road Some kist are just made to make your car look different Some kits are made to make your car look great Some kits are made to make your car look stupid But it's your car............

How do you install a supercharger on a fuel injected car?

First you have to find a supercharger designed for your specific application. You take the old intake manifold off and install the supercharger. While somehow finding a belt that connects from the supercharger to the camshaft. Then reprogram the computer that controls the engine for the additional airflow.

What are the uses for a Eaton Supercharger?

The Eaton Supercharger is used to increase the overall torque power and driving ability. This also increases the economic benefits as the use of a supercharger leads to small cylinder tanks which is a good thing for your car.

Can you put a supercharger and a turbocharger on a car?

You can but its very tricky unless you are a mechanic!

What kind of car does Spencer Andersons have?

yourdick supercharger v8 1400whp

Where to find car model kits in Dubai?

You can find model car kits at Hamley's toy store. There is a Hamley's at the Dubai Mall in Dubai.

Where can one find more information about handsfree car kits?

One can find out more information regarding handsfree car kits through "Dragon Car Audio & Security". There, the website offers answers towards frequently asked questions about the kits.

Can a turbocharger and supercharger be used at the same time?

Yes. If the engine is built to handle enough boost. Volkswagen makes a production car with a twincharger (supercharger and turbocharger). The supercharger helps cancel out the turbo lag at low rpms

Where can I purchase a First Aid Kit and Travel Kit?

First aid kits and travel kits can be purchased at any local shopping center, such as Wal-Mart or Target. You can also find first aid kits for the home, car, or office online at

What is a sentence for supercharger?

The car's engine had a super-charger that increases the power of the engine .

Can you put a v8 supercharger on a 4 cylinder car?

no...... you tear the engine up