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First, they have a major advantage, and that is that they have a much clearer image, due to the lack of atmosphere.

The disadvantages are mainly related to the high cost of putting the telescope up into space, and maintaining it (you can't just walk over to repair something). For this reason, other alternatives are also used, or considered, such as telescopes on Earth that compensate the atmosphere with a larger size, or advanced adaptive optics, or even telescopes carried on airplanes at a high altitude!

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The Hubble Space Telescope is a phenomenal achievement because it allows humans to view outer space without the distortion caused by the Earth's atmosphere. However, it is a disadvantage to have a space telescope when you need to perform maintenance on it. A simple adjustment requires an expensive mission.

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The difficulties in placing an astronomical telescope (such as the Hubble Space Telescope) in orbit are large, but it's worth it.

First, telescopes are heavy, and it is expensive to launch very heavy loads into orbit. So space telescopes are not nearly as large as Earth-based ones.

Second, maintenance of the space telescope is a lot more complex than taking a pickup truck to drive up the side of the mountain to an observatory; Shuttle missions are planned years in advance. A terrestrial telescope can often be repaired that day.

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The basic disadvantage of space telescopes is that it is more expensive to bring a telescope into outer space. The great advantage is that such telescopes are not encumbered by the atmosphere.

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Q: Are there any disadvantages of using telescopes in space?
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