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To name a few… Tc - Technetium (43), Pm - Promethium (61), Np - Neptunium (93), Pu - Plutonium (94), Am - Americum (95), Cm - Curium (96), Bk- Berkelium (97), Cf - Californium (98), Es - Einsteinium (99), Fm - Fermium (100) atomic numbers: 43, 61, 93-112, & 114 all have no stable forms These elements are (man-made,) marked on the Periodic Table as "Not found in Nature"

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Are there any elements with no stable forms?

Many of the elements with higher atomic numbers have no stable form yet discovered, ex: ununoctium.

Which element is a stable element?

A stable element is any non-radioactive element. All elements before element atomic number 84 (not including 84) - Polonium (Po) are stable elements.

How stable is a noble gas?

It won't react with any of the other elements.

What family does not form any bonds because it is stable?

noble elements

Will there be any stable elements above the elements currently on the periodic table If yes is it just a matter of adding P - N - E to a current atom?

Probably not. As of 2013, the last known element is #118. It is possible that additional elements will be discovered after that one. The heaviest stable element is lead, element #82. It is unlikely that any heavier element will be stable. In general, the tendency is for heavier elements to be less stable.

Symbolism of a dragon?

the dragon - symbolism of 'the master of all elements'. Can take many forms and can be victorious in any circumstance.

What are the first 5 elements by atomic number for which all isotopes are radioactive?

43 Technetium, and 61 Promethium have no stable isotopes. All elements starting at 83 Bismuth have only radioactive isotopes; though Bismuth-209 has such a long half-life that it can be considered stable for any practical purpose.

Characteristics of elements?

They cannot be broken down into any stable substances by chemical means

Is there any connection with radium and polonium?

Both radium and polonium are radioactive elements and are not stable.

Which a property shared by all of the elements in group 18 on the periodic table?

They have an octet of outer electrons, so they are stable. They do not tend to form any compounds.

Why is astatine is the rarest element on the earth?

Astatine is the rarest naturally occuring element on Earth because all its isotopes are radioactive with very short half-lives. The most stable, At-210 has a half-life of 8 hours, so any astatine that forms (by radioactive decay of heavier elements) quickly decays to other elements.

How is stable transition elements formed?

It is IMPOSSIBLE to form elements of any kind or group other than by nuclear processes. There is no special one for transition elements.

What are the chemical properties of group 8 elements?

1) Stable Atomic structure. 2) Does not bond with any other elements. 3) Exist as mono-atomic elements.

What is a bioconjugation?

A bioconjugation is any reaction which forms a stable covalent link between two biomolecules.

Do all elements have half lives why or why not?

The term only makes sense for unstable (radioactive) nuclides.All elements do have radioactive nuclides, though some don't have any stable nuclides.It's also just barely possible that protons are not stable over the extremely long term, though if so their half-lives are much, much longer than the current age of the universe. If this is true, then all elements are technically "radioactive."

Are there any other isotopes of xenon?

Xenon has eight stable naturally occuring isotopes. Besides these stable forms, there are over 40 unstable isotopes that have been studied.

Can lead mix with other elements?

Yes, all elements can mix with any other elements. Also any element except the noble gases can form compounds with other elements. Lead will tend to form similar compounds to those that carbon forms, but unlike the carbon compounds these lead compounds are very toxic!

Does any mineral contain all the elements?

No, there is no mineral that contains all the elements, or even most of them.

What is a bioconjugate?

A bioconjugate is a substance formed by bioconjugation - any reaction which forms a stable covalent link between two biomolecules.

Why is neon and helium inert elements?

Helium and neon have completely filled valence orbitals which is a stable electronic configuration. Hence they are chemically inert and do not react with any other elements.

How many kinds of atoms does element have?

The question is too vague to answer. All atoms of the same element have the same number of protons (if they had a different number of protons, they'd be a different element). However, they don't have to have the same number of neutrons, and the number of stable isotopes of an element vary depending on what the element is (some elements even have NO stable isotopes; depending on what theory you believe, it's possible that over the very long term no elements are stable... it is, however, true that we don't know of any stable isotopes for elements of higher Z than lead, and it's at least theoretically possible that the "stable" isotopes of lead are actually radioactive with extremely long half-lives).

Can you use the periodic table to predict the properties of undiscovered elements?

It is quite true that you can use the periodic table to predict the chemical properties of undiscovered elements, but this is not of any great practical importance because any remaining undiscovered elements are going to be so heavy that they will be very unstable, and will rapidly decay into other, lighter elements. All elements having a stable nucleus have already been discovered. Once you get to elements heavier than uranium, they just get more and more unstable, the heavier they get.

Can neon have metal in it?

Neon is an element, so it is just neon. It won't react with any other elements because it is so stable.

Hi friends is there any LCD TV which is giving stable panel?

All major manufacturers use stable LCD panels.

Elements that dont react readily with other elements?

Noble gases, as they already have 8 valence electrons and don't need any more than that, as 8 valence electrons is a stable configuration.