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Yes there are several fashion schools in New York City. Several of the most popular ones include Art Institute of Design and WoodtobeCoburn. These schools have online pages.

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No there are no fashion design middle schools.

No, there are no professional schools of fashion design in Omaha, NE.

Fashion Institute of Technology

It depends on what area you are in but many public high schools offer fashion.

Try checking into the different Fashion Design schools on line and take a look at there cirriculium. Fashion Institute of TechnologyNYC, Parsons University,NYC Pratt, in Brooklyn,NY

There are plenty of fashion schools and fashion design degree programs in Texas. Some of the schools include: International Academy of Design & Technology in San Antonio, Austin School of Fashion Design in Austin, and the Art Institute of Dallas in Dallas.

There are lots of fashion schools in Detroit. The International Academy of Design and Technology is one of them. Hope this helps.

All middle schools and daycares in NYC offer in-school hot lunches for the kids

Your choice of fashion schools depends entirely on where you live and how much you can afford to pay for your education. here's an online review of some schools:

There are many cities of fashion, some famous ones are Milan, NYC, Japan.

FIT and Parsons (both in NYC).

Yes, in Langley, Virginia, Las Vegas (StilletoGirls), and NYC.

fashion designers go to both colleges and vocational schools.

There are many reputable performing arts high schools in NYC. One that may interest you is Talent Unlimited high school where your child can have any talent and learn all about it.

Yes, there are fashion schools/institutes online. The majority of these schools are a section of an art school. One of the top ranking fashion schools in the nation at the Academy of Art University offers some online classes. You can find this information at

The best online fashion schools are the Italian fashion school and the California online fashion & technology. They provide material to the student, show videos & also have a video chat with them.

Are there fashion schools in Michigan or near Michigan

You can find out which schools are good for fashion design by reading about the schools on the College Board's website. You can go to ��_ Home ��_ Find a College.

here are some of the best online schools of fashion technology...The Academy of Art University ,Milan Fashion Campus ,The Art Institute of Pittsburgh " Online Division

Fashion in Focus - 2003 NYC City of Inspiration 2-1 was released on: USA: 30 June 2004

You can earn a degree in fashion design from a traditional college or university, or through an online program. To locate fashion schools near you or to find online fashion programs, check out

There are several leading fashion schools. Many of the top fashion schools are overseas including Istituto Marangoni. Some of the top fashion design schools include Parsons The New School for Design and Pratt Institute, both located in NY. Some others are Drexel University in PA and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in CA.

The best school to study fashion merchandising is the NY Fashion Institute in NY City. Although I am sure there are other good schools, I have heard this is the best.

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