Are there any free games online like gta?

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Are there any other free online games like runescape?

Well mostly all the good games need to be downloaded but ill try to find some . Yes few online games that are my favirate -. bikemania. batman. spiderman. All these games I have played at For girl games I prefer

Are there any games like Ragnarok Online?

There are several games that resemble Ragnarok Online to some extent. The Mana World, which is based on a Ragnarok Online, would be a prime example. Auteria somewhat resembles a 3D version of Ragnarok. Other games that may meet your definition of being like Ragnarok Online include: . Choerbaert ( Full Answer )

Are there any online games like feudalism?

\nRenaissance Kingdoms It is a game dated around the 1400 years, involving the politic,economic and social mechanics of the Middle Ages. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes a day to feed your citizen and find him/her a job for ( Full Answer )

Are there any online Zelda games that are free?

There was an online game calls Graal, which the graphics where based on Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Which actually the original game design was to be a Legend of Zelda free MMO. It has now changed to allow users, who pay for the service, to create their own worlds in the game. It is still fre ( Full Answer )

Are there any free virtual online games?

Barbiegirls . ourworld . secondlife . meez . imvu . clubpenguin . pixihollow . toontown . habbo . dragonfable . adventure quest . adventure quest worlds . yoville . petville . foopets . frenzoo . hellokitty . myspace . facebook . (not virtual but you can watch movies for ( Full Answer )

Free online games like sims?

The Sims Social. It's on Facebook. Runescape is kinda like the Sims too. You can cook, learn skills, etc.

Is there a game online that is like meez and is free?

There is an awesome game I've been playing for a few months non stop! It's called Code of Everand. It's totally free and it doesn't have any VIP areas or any of that nonsense. You don't have to download anything and its a multiplayer game online!!! Check it out... google: "Code of Everand"

Is there any free online games?

Yes; there are tons of free online games. The ones that you want top play depend on your preferences.

Is there any online games like dragonfable?

Yes, there is Mechquest, Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds which is a little different to Dragonfable. Note: All these games are all made by the same people as Dragonfable

Are there any games like The Sims online?

The Sims Online used to be a online version of the sims, but went offline. Other games include Second Life, but none compare to The Sims experience

Online free games like cp?

Panda is an online game (virtual world) for kids. Go to is really fun!! Try it out.

Are there any online parkour games for free?

there are quite a few, but some are just better than others... two prretty goods ones are Extreme Pamplona which has you running through the city trying to out run the person who is chasing you But I think the best free online on is ( Full Answer )

Are there any free online horse games like Club Pony Pals? is a website I lightly recommend. Unless you know someone who knows a lot about the game its hard to get started. I highly recommend A Virtual Horse. Its incredibly real and has great graphics.

List of online games free games like Metin2us?

I would suggest 'Battle Of The Immortals' because ive played it and metin2. BOI is free and has cheap special money. Also has a WIDE variety of gear weapons fortifications upgrades levels and quests. Quests are Scenarios (story) and branch quests (optional). So yeah Battle of the immortals i would g ( Full Answer )

Are there any free Pokemon games online?

There are a number of online Pokemon games which include: Pokemon Deluge Pokemon Crater Pokemon Craft Pokemon Indigo Pokemon League These games are all extremely fun, and you can play them for free! You can also search the internet for other games, but I doubt there are any as good ( Full Answer )

Is there a free online game like sims?

Yes there is. It's called: TheSimsSocial You can play it on your Facebook account and is similar to the actual game. It is created by EA, so that is what makes it similar. Thanks :)

Any good games like gta that you can buy?

The Saints Row series is rather similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. Have a look at the recently introduced Saints Row 3, or for PS2, Saints Row 2.

Are there any games like GTA but for kids?

Yeah its called bully The person above is incorrect. Bully is rated M Now i have some gta games for kids: Driver, Driver 2, Driv3r (Rated M But nothing much) Wheelman (This is rated (M) But nothing much that's non Necisary)

Is there any online games like fantage?

yes there are lots! here is a few -Moshi Monsters -Club Penguin -Habbo (13+) -Woogi World -Pandanda -Panfu -Neopets -Dizzywood -Barbiegirls Hope that helped :D

Are there any games like Minecraft Online?

There are many games like minecraft available on the internet, try out any of these: . Terrraria (2d minecraft available via steam) . Blockland . Roblox (teen focused) . Cubelands . FortressCraft (focused more on battling other players)

Is there any free games online?

There are free games out there on websites and through Valve Software's Steam Distribution Service. Why not google it or check

Are they any games like tanki online?

In fact there is! But this game does require good gaming specs for your computer, and at least 5gb of available hard disc space. This games would be World of Tanks!

Is there any free online games like World of Warcraft?

Probably. There are many MMORPG's online. One I know specificallythat I play is a Japanese anime styled game called "Onigiri." It'ssimilar due to the fact that you go on quests and can team up withpeople to battle monsters as you explore the world. And it'scompletely free. I recommend it.

What are free games like Alicia Online?

EASY QUESTION. You know, you could just search for them on the net, but here are some REAL good ones. So Alicia Online. Haven't played it before but I'm installing it now to see. See? Even questions can give answerers answers. :P So anyways, here's a list: -Adventure Quest WORLDS -RuneScape -Drago ( Full Answer )