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Are there any free online GED classes?

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There are a lot of places that offer free GED classes the best place to start would be a local GED place that is near you. If you go in they can help you find what fits your schedule.

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There are several websites that offer free online ged classes. One of these websites is

Generally, you can not take GED classes online, but there are several books you can buy to help you study, and lots of free classroom classes you can take.

Yes but none of them are legitimate.

There are many GED courses online. Most classes are free. All classes are considered, not just High school. Some websites let you practice with sample tests so you will become familiar with classes. GED Online Classes: (YES) There are GED classes that be taken online to prepare for the actual GED test. These GED online classes will never offer a GED that can be completed online though. Be wary of any website that offers a GED that can be awarded from their site. The only way to receive a GED is by taking the test at a local facility that is delegated for the testing sponsorship. You should not be surprised if certain websites will want to charge you in order to sign up and take the GED online classes.

There are no places online that offer free GED services. However, if you call your counties board of education, they should be able to inform you of free GED classes and testing sites in your area. Most community colleges offer free or low cost GED tests in their Adult Education department. Other services also GED courses.

It is definitely possible to get your GED online. Many colleges offer GED prep classes. Check your local colleges to see if any of them offer distance learning in addition to traditional classes.

There are several online programs offered that allow you to receive your GED for free. One of the websites featuring free GED programs is website provides free GED testing in online

there is no free GED locations , you might be able to take a free one online.

It is difficult to find GED classes free of charge. The best way to find the few ways of completing GED without cost is to speak with community college counselors, especialy if you may be attending that school with your new GED.

Yes, there are free GED resources available online. Three of these sites include,, and There are several free GED resources on the internet. I would suggest the study guides and practice test at

yes there is a free CNA classes online this is the site

Yes, you can get a valid GED online in a short time. The best place to do this is through an online school, like Devry or any local school, because these are well known accredited schools which many people use to get degrees online.

I dont know of any free online writing classes as such, but there's plenty of websites that will share help and tips about how to write online.

I would look at different online classes. Many different places will offer you a class.

No, legit GED courses are not offered online. However, most community colleges offer free GED courses in their adult education department. Other resources such as the Board of Education may also offer free or low cost GED testing.

The only cost to you is to take the test. The pre-test and classes are often free.

You can look up free online classes on the internet or look at your local library. Brigham Young University also offers some free online classes to students. Some local universities also offer free night classes to working mothers.

No. You're required to take the test at a testing center, to verify you're the person taking the test and are not using any reference materials.

There are alot of online free GED study courses available. If you want to actually test and obtain the GED, the starting costs are about 200.00 and go up depending on the course details.

Free-Ed.Net is a great site to get not only practice exams but studying help and tips as well. has practice exams as well as offers online classes as well.

i want to do it at a nursing home

Yes there are free GED classes in LaGrange, Georgia. The address is West Georgia Technical College, Orchard Hill Road, LaGrange GA. Monday-Friday from 8.00-12.00 noon, Monday - Thursday from 1.00 p.m.-4.00 p.m.

There are some online classes that you can register for with your local community college. You can get free STNA classes at local nursing homes though.

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