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yes, i know this girl name jessica she is a high schooler and she wears a lot of boots and flats. She is my friend everytime i come to her house i can smell her feet and its strong you could smell 8ft away,but i always say something like "you should clean your feet" she always laughes and says "i do". You could tell she is lying she lets me smell her feet sometimes even though they always smell. sometimes when her parents arent home when im watching tv at her house she has her shoes off and puts her feet in my face she's a white girl with red painted toenails anyway i try to take her feet out of my face because my eyes start to water she says "if you let me watch my show you don't have to smell my feet" but i said "no" so that day she sat on the couch with her shoes and socks off and of course smelly feet she went upstairs and said "lets play a game" she had ropes so she said "ill tie you up then untie you then you tie me up then I'll untie you" i agreed to it so thenshe tied me up but never untied me she put her feet in my face and said" smell my stinky feet you want them clean clean it with your tongue. so i did lick them and smelled them i was crying cause her feet smell so badshe even made me smell her flats it was hours under her stinky feet then she finally let me go. today, when i come over to her house she usually takes off her boots and outs her boots in my face she even sometimes when she forces me to smell her feet she tickles me with her toes on my chest, anyway girls will let you smell their feet but jessica feet you don't wanna smell she sometimes when im watching tv put her toes on my nose

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I Would Love To Smell Her Fee

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Anything About Girls Feet I Would Smell them Even if they Stink

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Girls how can you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

make her fall asleep.

How do you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

why would you want that. If you absolutely insist there is a guy name phil who sets guys up with girls who will let you smell there feet. His number is 571 721 1643 (Real Number), he is the owner of Good luck on smelling some feet! Oh it does cost so be prepared.

Will Carrie Underwood let you smell her feet?

I'm not so sure about that it would the same thing with taylor swift and any other female celebrity that just maybe if you asked them in a private message on facebook if you can smell their feet and they meet you in person then they let you smell their feet then it's only fair that they get to smell your feet in return just tell them in the best nicest way that you can to say come to your house and ask you the same question please now may I smell your feet?

Do men let people smell their feet?

sometimes they do

Which girl will let you touch her feet?

Most girls wont let you touch there feet, especially if they are quite self conscious as most girls don't like there feet

Why don't girls let boys kiss their feet?

I would kiss a girls feet and lick them girls feet are so clean and beautiful I just kissed a girls feet and got to be a girl's slave

How can you ask a girl to let me smell her feet?

Your feet attract me. But they may be tired, so let me rub and see if they need comfort.

How do you ask a girl to let you smell her feet?

You don't! Give her a foot message, then discreetly smell your hands.

Will Taylor Swift let you smell her feet?

maybe if u ask her on facebook in private message to smell her feet.after that tell her to come to ur house and say can i smell ur feet.

Why do girls let boys touch their feet and some don't?

Well this is a rather awkward question, but I know the answer! Some girls let boys touch their feet because they are not self-conceiuos about their feet (or they are just flirty.) The girls who don't let guys touch their feet are the ones who aren't flirty (possibly shy) and might be self-conceious about their feet!

Will brigit mendler let you smell her feet?

I'm not so sure about that but maybe if you asked her in a private message on facebook to smell her sexy feet and toes then you meet her in person that's up to you and her to decide that if she says yes and lets you smell her feet then it's only fair if you massage her feet tickle her feet or worship her feet then give her a chance to give you a foot massage tickle your feet in return and worship your feet and let her have the chance to also smell your feet I'd love to massage tickle and worship brigit mendlers feet and I'd love it if she played with my feet

How can you find a girl who will let you smell her feet?

Take her foot and smell it. Then see what happens. Dude just go to the gym. I'm sure someone girl will let you in private

How can you convince your girlfriend to let you smell her feet?

tell her you have a foot fetish or ask for her shoes

What do you do if your friend wants to smell your feet?

just let him you will prob like it it feels amazing and then you can ask him if u can smell his its amazing to feel in power

How can a guy ask another guy to let him smell his feet?

it involves a close friend, your feet and some very strong vodka =]

Will the air forces let people with flat feet join?

yes. they will let people with any type of feet join.

What does Edward Cullen look for in a girl?

Submissive, stupid girls who will let him control them. He also enjoys it if you smell like flowers.

How do you get girls to tickle your feet without asking them?

that is soo gross and im a girl i wouldn't want a guy to tickle my don't ever let girls tickle your feet because eventually they will get disgusted..=(gross)=

Would a girl let a guy smell her flats that she had been wearing all day?

first of all, that is really really disgusting. second, NO. girls are pretty insecure enough let alone someone smell her SHOES! good lord.

How do you get a girl to let you smell her flats?

first of all that's disgusting and secondly, girls don't want a guy smelling their stinky shoe

What year were girls let into FFA?

What year were girls let into FFA

Why do boys farts smell worser than girls farts?

I doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, it depends on what you eat. • Well, the longer you hold in a fart the smellier it is. Girls fart smells worser because they try to hide it and hold it in for a really long time until they can't hold it in any more. So then it comes out and smells horrible. But a guys doesn't smell as bad because when they feel it they'll 'let it rip' and so it doesn't smell as bad.

Why do my feet and shoes always smell when i take my shoes off?

At a guess you're wearing the wrong type of socks and/or your shoes are too tight. You need to let your feet 'breathe'. Good hygiene is also essential - wash and throughly dry your feet every morning and evening. Another simple easy way is to put a dryer sheet in your shoes and let it sit over night. In the morning it will smell as fresh as daisys ☺

Is it safe to have guinea pig bad smell in bedroom?

It's not deadly but you shouldn't let it happen. It can cause the guinea pig to get sores on their feet and similar problems.

Do girls let people suck their tits?

Some girls let their boyfriends or husbands do but not random people. It can be a part of foreplay if the girls is into that. Not all are.