Are there any good names for male molly fish?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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Any name you like is a good name ;)

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Q: Are there any good names for male molly fish?
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Does molly fish produce eggs?

Every so often you might see a egg being laid because the male molly did not do a very good job of fertilizing the the female's eggs. Molly are livebearing fish meaning that they give live birth other than a few infertile eggs once in a while

What does a female dalmatian molly fish look like?

The female Dalmatian molly differs from the male in that her ventral fin is triangular, his is pointed.

Your fighting fish keeps getting attacked by your molly?

It is unusual for a molly to attack any other fish as they are quite a peaceful fish. At a guess I would say that it could be because the Siamese fighter is ill and the molly is taking advantage of the fact or because the molly is male and protecting its females. It's difficult to say without seeing the tank. Hope this helps.

What is a good name for a cockapoo?

Good names for a male Cockerpoo: Larry Crackers Winston Buddy Cupcake Pebbles Chocolate Teddy Scout Nathan Good names for a female Cockerpoo: Paula Shana Rosie Camilla Berry Fanny Windy Suzette Molly Pearlie

How do you tell if a black molly fish will take to give birth again?

Idon't no if this will help but if there is a male in the same tank as the female molly then 80% of the time the female is pregnant.

What are good names for Jack Russell terriers?

Good names for male Jack Russell Terriers: Jack Jacky Freddy Scooter Buddy Buster Rusty Sparky Eric Pat Owen Max Good names for female Jack Russell Terriers: Jill Kristie Maddie Molly Polly Patches Allie

Signs of molly fish about to give birth?

Common live-bearing fish birth symptoms are less appetite, male fish constantly following the female, and female being more stressed.

Names of male and female fish?

Male and female fish have not been designated like other animals are, into things like cows and bulls, so they are simply called male and female.

How are baby fishes are born?

how to find gold fish& black molly are pregnent? and what are the difference of male?female fishes? _GS LOTUS

I Have Got a Black molly fish and a male guppie and you seems as though the male guppie is trying to mate with the molly fish is this possible?

I guess its about as possible as a small monkey trying to mate with a gorilla. On paper, in theory, they can probably do it but in practice the chances are very small that they would succeed and its even less likely that any offspring will eventuate.

What are good male coyote names?


Male molly sticking his fin bolt up right?

If you are refering to the fishes Dorsal Fin, that is how it is supposed to be. When a fish has its dorsal down is the time when you start to worry and wonder what is wrong with the fish.