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"I like the Saki Tumi Grill. It's an asian themed restaurant, but it has a sushi bar. "

"Sato is a great place with the habachi-style cooking, but the best thing about it is the sushi."

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2008-10-03 19:35:49
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Q: "Are there any good sushi restaurants in Columbia, SC"?
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Are there any sushi restaurants in Palo Alto?

There are plenty of delicous sushi restaurants in Palo Alto. Some of which are Kanpai, Sushi Tomo, and the Sushi Ya restaurants.

Is mahi mahi a sushi fish?

Even though MahiMahi are native to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, I have yet seen them as a choice in any Japanese restaurants. A certified Sushi Chef (in Japan, a sushi chef must be certified) would have to deem them edible as raw fish before they can become used 'officially' as Sushi or Sashimi.

Sushi restaurant in Los Angeles selling sei meat?

Whale meat is controversial in the US, so Los Angeles sushi restaurants mostly likely either would not have it on the menu, or would not openly advertise it. If there are any, they aren't well known.

Where can I buy a used sushi neon sign?

Your best bet to find a used sushi neon sign would be Restuarants often use this auction site to list their surplus supplies or sell all their stuff when they go out of business. Besides eBay, try asking your local sushi restaurants if they know of any.

Are snails of any use aside from for eating in french restaurants?

They are good for squishing.

Are there any good sushi places in Seattle?

"Shiro's is definitely the best sushi place in Seattle, and it may be the best sushi place in the country. Phenomenal. " "My favorite place is the Wasabi Bistro, but pretty much anywhere you go, the fish will certainly be fresh."

Are there any restaurants in Kenya?

There are restaurants in every country.

How many ounces of rice is in sushi?

It would depend on the sushi and the way it is prepared. However, sushi by itself would just be raw fish - it wouldn't have any rice.

Is sushi a proper noun?

No, the noun 'sushi' is common noun, a general word a type of food prepared in a Japanese style; a word for any sushi of any kind.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, Takei's Sushi Bar.

Are there any good beaches in Columbia?

Many but Santa Marta is probably the best known

What is the name of a fish that is made into sushi?

sushi is not made of any fish in particular, itdoesn't even need to contain fish. the word "sushi" comes from the kind of rice that is used. anything made of this rice is considered to be sushi.

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