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Yes. A short list is

  • Fork Union Military Academy (6-12)
  • Linden Hall (5-12)
  • Carson Long Military Academy (6-12)
  • Shattuck-St.Mary's School (6-12)
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Can you be in the 6 grade and go to golden valley middle school?

of course if you in 6 grade u can go to any kind of middle schhol. yes you can go to golden valley middle school when your in grade.

Is six grade a primary grade?

This depends on your school. Sometimes grade 6 is a primary grade, other time it is considered part of middle school.

What is grade 7?

Grade 7 is considered to be a junior mhigh school grade. You are not yet in high school yet but you are one grade away. In some schools grade 6 and 7 are in their own school.

Do you graduate fifth grade?

Usually you go into Grade 6 from Grade 5 normally like any other year, unless you're graduating into middle school. Otherwise, no.

At a Christian school what grade do they start talking about sex?

At my Christian school, we learned what sex was at grade 6.

What age do you finish middle school?

Generally you finish middle school at the completion of 8th grade. If you started school when you were 5:K Grade - 51st Grade - 62nd Grade - 73rd Grade - 84th Grade - 95th Grade - 106th Grade - 117th Grade - 128th Grade - 13If you started school when you were 6 years old:K Grade - 61st Grade - 72nd Grade - 83rd Grade - 94th Grade - 105th Grade - 116th Grade - 127th Grade - 138th Grade - 14

What grades are grade school?

Grade school is grades 1-6. Middle school is grades 7 and 8, and 9-12 is high school.

What grade did Maven teach at Twality middle school in Oregon?

grade 7 i think, or grade 6

What is the highest grade in an Edmonton elementary school?

Most elementary schools in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada go from kindergarten to grade 6.

When did Michael Jackson leave school?

grade 6

What grade do you start junior high school?


Is Jaden Smith in elementary school?

he is in 6 grade

What is the closest military school to Orlando, Florida?

Florida Air Academy is near to your house. You can admit your son here. They offer day boarding opportunities for boys and girls in grade 6-12 as they grow in academic and character.

If you have attended primary school you must familiar with it.What is it?

It's a year 1 to 6 (grade 0 to grade 5) school.

Is it possible to like someone when your in grade 6?

yes, it can happen at any age, any grade

Are fifth graders old enough for sports in middle school?

5th grade is still elementary school 6-8 is middle school. It depends on what school you go to, some schools think the fifth grade is old enough to be with the older kids. If you are talking out of school you can play any sport :)

How many years is elementary?

Elementary school is generally considered 6 years - Kindergarten to Grade 5. Some schools consider Grade 6 to be elementary school as well.

What public school did mustafa kemal ataturk attend From grade 1 to grade 6?

From grades 1 to 6, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk attended a traditional Muslim school, and was later switched to the Rucholige School.

What is The American pre-university educational system?

amerian boys and girls spend 6 years in primary school also alled elementary or grade school after finishing primary school 6 grade

Who is still in middle school?

It depends on the school. But it could differ from 6-9th grade.

If you are in 6 grade are you in middle school?

It usually depends some elementary school goes up to 6th grade but usually too should be in middle school for 6th grade some schools are different 😊

What is grade school?

First 6-8 yrs of a child's teaching at a school, starting around age 5 or 6

Why don't understand it's not a post secondary school. this is a grade school that teaches 8 grade through 12 grade.?

You sound a bit confused? Ok, so a post secondary school is what you go to after you graduate from high school/secondary school. Example university or college. The school system can work in different ways, it depends where you are. They can either go.... 1. Elementary school- kindergarten - grade 7 Then secondary school- grade 8- grade 12 Or 2. Elementary school- Kindergarten - grade 5 Then middle school- grade 6 - grade 8 Then finally high school- grads 9 - grade 12

What grade do you stop having recess?

most stop in grade 6, or if you go to a K-8 school, usually grade 8

How many grade 6 and 7 dances are there in a year?

At my middle school, there were four dances in 6th grade and 6-8 dances in 7th grade. I'm not sure because the only middle school dance I went to was the first one in 6th grade. And the graduation dance.