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Are there any hotels in New York City?

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There are roughly 2,000 hotels in New York City.

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Are there any deals for hotels in New York city?

HotelsCombined compares the best hotel reservation sites to find the cheapest New York City hotel deals on 741 hotels in New York City, New York.

Where are the site they have any New York cheap hotels?

The sites that have any New York cheap hotels are the official New York state site & state hotel sites useful to select hotels specific to wear you select to stay in city.

Are there any Edison Hotels in New York?

Affirmative, there are quite a few Edison Hotels in New York City and New York state. The most commonly known one is in Times Square; the service is also known to be out of this world.

Which city in the state of New York has any Helen hotels?

After some online research, there are no "Helen" hotels in the state of New York and no hotel range with them brand name of "Helen" in the United States.

Which New York City Hotels are close walking distance to Broadway shows?

An easy way to find hotels near any venue in any city is to use google maps and search "hotels near NAME OF VENUE". This will produce a map with flags indicating hotels near the venue and often information about the hotels.

Where can one find Augsburg Hotels in New York?

Augsburg is a town in Germany. The term "Augsburg hotels" does not refer to any specific hotel or chain of hotels, but rather to any hotels located in the town of Augsberg, Germany. Since Augsburg and New York are separated by a great distance, Augsburg hotels can never be found in New York.

Do any New York City hotels offer senior discounts?

No New York City hotels offer senior discounts. You can try booking a combination reservation online through a portal that provides senior discounts on package deals (such as rental cars or air plane tickets).

Are there any hotel deals for a trip to New York City?

There are always hotel deals for New York City if you look around. Check out Priceline, hotwire, or Travelocity. They are always running some sort of special deal on hotels.

Where can I find cheap New York hotels?

Unfortunately most of the decent hotels in New York City are not very cheap. It is like any big city these days I guess, and you are likely looking at around $300 and up per night. I did find this website that offers cheap prices for stays in NYC. http://new-york.hotelscheap.org/

What is New York City's biggest city?

New York City IS a city. It does not contain any cities.

What are some major cities in New York City?

There are no major cities in New York City. New York City IS a city; it doesn't contain any cities.

Where can one find the prices of some cheap hotels in New York in Manhattan?

You can find the prices of some cheap hotels in New York, in Manhattan by visiting the websites NCYGo, Hotels, and even on Expedia. Hotels, and Expedia can be used for any other hotels anywhere else too.

Which country borders New York city?

New York City does not border any country. The State of New York borders Canada.

What New York Hotels in New York would you recommened that are cheap and have good service, have you stayed in any of these?

You can book a cheap hotel service at eBookers.com which allows you to book a flight that is available to New York with your choices of hotels within your budget range.

What are some hotels in Newark NJ?

There are a variety of hotels in Newark, NJ. Courtyard by Marriott is located in the downtown area. Hilton Newark Penn Station is located only 20 minutes from New York city. Suite hotels and hotels for any budget can be found in Newark New Jersey. From business to pleasure, there are many choices.

Did New York get any tornadoes?

Yes. Both New York State and New York City have had tornadoes.

Were there any major earthquakes in New York?

In the top of haragges in new york city.

Did New York break any temperature records in 2011?

It depends if you mean New York the city or New York the state. It doesn't look like the city set any new temperature records this year. This city of Syracuse in New York did set a record June, 8th.

Does New York have any urban areas?

Yes, New York does have urban areas, the largest is New York City.

Why is New York City part of the major city?

I'm not sure what "the major city" that you're referring to is. But New York City is not part of any other city.

Are there any skycrapers in New York?

Yes, the New York City skyline is littered with skyscrapers.

New York is the capital of which state?

New York is not the capital of any U.S. state. The capital of New York State is Albany, not New York City.

What are some good hotels in the City of New York?

There is a big range of hotels in New York city; by price, location or service level, one can reserve any great room to become a part of the Big Apple. The Sheraton, Waldorf, Queens Inn, Soho Suites, Radisson, the Marquis and even the Holiday Inn have a range of rooms and services. These and other locations are bound to supply anyone with rooms close to this exciting city.

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