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Yes there are laws. These laws say not to use CFC's.

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Give the data of ozone depletion upto 2008?

You want the list of citations to any current paper on ozone depletion, as they will all have "data of ozone depletion" in them. As these require access to scientific journals, I'd suggest you get this from a good college library.

How ozone depletion increase malaria risk?

Any link exist

How ozone depletion benefits humans?

Ozone depletion does not benefit the humans in any ways. On the other hand it proves to a fatal global problem. Eye cataract, skin cancer, suppression of immune system etc are some of the problems caused by the depletion of ozone layer. Moreover the plankton's which play a vital role in maintaining the marine life cycle ate also destroyed via this depletion of ozone layer.

Depletion of the ozone layer is caused by the release of what into the atmosphere?

The ozone layer is not caused by the release by any product. The ozone layer is formed by natural processes in the atmosphere.

Why is CFC depletion of the ozone layer a theory and not a scientific law?

A law is a fundamental requirement of Nature, that is never violated. Science really has no "laws" any longer. All our previous "laws" are subject to experimental testing, so they have also become theories. Ones that are pretty close to laws are conservation of momentum (and from there conservation of energy), of spin, net production of entropy. A theory is a guess at a mechanism, that makes a prediction, and the prediction is challenged by experiment. Observations were made that CFC "fragments" were found in areas of low ozone concentration. The assumption was made that CFCs contributed to ozone depletion. CFCs were then tested in the lab to see if they: contributed to ozone depletion (they do), and were persistent (they are).

Is there any links between global warming and ozone depletion?

Yes, there are. Both of them are connected.

Is there any way to prevent ozone layer depletion?

Yes there is. You have to curb the use of CFC's.

Any one gas responsible for destroying the ozone layer?

See "What is causing the depletion of the ozone layer?" in the "Related questions" section below.

What is depletion of the ozone layer?

Ozone depletion is the process where ozone holes are created in the ozone layer. It is caused due to the action of chloro-floro-carbons on the ozone molecule to break it down to oxygen.Ozone depletion is the process where ozone holes are created in the ozone layer. It is caused due to the action of chloro-floro-carbons on the ozone molecule to break it down to oxygen.Ozone depletion is a long term decrease in average ozone concentrations along any path between the Earth's surface and our Sun.Its symptoms are increased UV-B radiation on Earth's surface (damages DNA, causes skin cancers and eye cataracts, as well as damage to crops), and a larger-than-normal ozone hole over the pole that gets no UV-C with which to make new ozone.The main cause of the depletion are the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that were used in refrigerators and aerosols.Scientists hope that the holes will be completely repaired by 2050.

Do fair trade shipments contribute to ozone layer depletion?

Not any more than any other sort of shipment.

Are humans in any kind of danger because of what's happening to the ozone?

Yes, they are. UV rays will enter in case of ozone depletion which are fatal to living organisms.

What disease can be caused by the ozone layer?

Ozone layer does not cause any disease. however, ozone depletion can cause a number of serious issues like skin cancer, eye cataract and modification of DNA.

Can you do any fixes to the ozone depletion?

No, you may not be able to rent ozone generators. Beacause scientists have found that generation should be done naturally. No but you may be able to prevent it.

How does hairspray destroy the ozone layer?

Not any more. The CFCs that were used as aerosols in the 1980s are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. These have been phased out and scientists hope the ozone layer will have recovered by about 2060.It emits gases that damage the ozone layer.

Which gas responsible for ozone depletion?

There are lots of them. Starting with water vapor, proceeding into any molecule with chlorine or bromine in them, and more.

What human activity causes the ozone layer depletion?

Human activity such as using hairspray or any other products containing Aerosol.

How is the ozone layer affecting the weather?

Ozone is a naturally occurring greenhouse gas that helps keep the earth warm. Therefore the depletion of the ozone layer had a minor cooling effect on the world, although more than compensated for by the rise in carbon dioxide levels. Because the depletion was concentrated in the Antarctic region, this is believed to have contributed to altered wind wind patterns. The main problem with depletion of the ozone layer was not so much any effect on the weather, but the potential effect on our health, through excessive exposure to ultraviolet light.

What is ozone depletion and why isit a problem?

Ozone depletion is the destruction or "wearing away" of the ozone layer surrounding Earth. It is a problem because the ozone layer keeps out a large amount of harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun; without any ozone layer, Earth would essentially be impossible to live on. UV rays cause serious burns to human skin, so without the ozone layer, you would be burnt immediately upon stepping outside into the unadulterated sunlight.

Is o3 a greenhouse gas?

Absolutely! The depletion of ozone in the Antarctic is why science experts claim that the ice is not melting in the area. Ozone, any virtually all gases with three or more atoms is a greenhouse gas.

What type of radiation do O3 molecules absorb?

The ozone molecule actually does not absorb any kind of radiation. Since it does not allow the UV rays to pass thus it was thought that it absorbs the UV rays but actually a process is ongoing in the ozone layer which uses all the ultraviolet rays. Actually the process of formation and depletion of ozone requires a lot of energy which is provided by the UV rays and thus the formation and depletion of ozone takes place because of these rays

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Do holes in the ozone layer present a problem?

Not really. Ozone holes are a natural repeating phenomenon at each pole. Usually the holes heal shut before any significant UV-B reaches the ground.Depletion of the ozone layer is a problem, a symptom of which is this tends to make the ozone hole larger and last longer.

Are there any laws being enacted to pevent the ozone layer to slowly depelt?

Yes, there are. Montreal protocol has defined some serious laws.

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