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Are there any living creatures on Mars?


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I think there are no living creatures on Mars, but there might be according to the data.


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So far no living creatures have been found on Mars.

Mars is not a living thing. There might be living creatures on Mars, and they might have brains, but Mars itself does not have brains. If you are asking about the Roman myths, Mars does indeed have a brain.

If you are referring to living creatures from the planet Mars, the spelling is "Martians".

No body knows anything about living creatures on mars. Infact, scientists don't know about anything living on mars. Sorry to burst your bubble people.

No, there are not any living beings on the Mars.

As far as man knows, no creatures are formed on mars.

Nobody knows whether or not there is enough oxygen on Mars. NASA are looking into it to see if there is any water on Mars or any living creatures with a robot. If they eventually find something, then this gives us more evidence that there is oxygen on Mars. Until that day then no one will know but a small robot connected to NASA called the Mars rover.

Well it depends on what you mean if you mean life they found signs showing that there used to be life on mars but not any actual creatures living there if you mean anything else they bound a barren planet of desert with signs showing that there used to be little streams there.

When we find any, we'll will give them a name - hopefully not Martians

mars has a lot of rocks and there are no living things on mars no even today even scientists never found any people living inside mars they only found out that mars has no air and no water

There are no living creatures on the moon.

No. There are no living creatures on Saturn.

There were never human-like creatures on Mars, as far as we know.

ummm...... maby that non living creatures are dead.

Clams are indeed living creatures.

Many scientist beleive that there is water on mars(living resouce of O2)and have already found bacteria on mars' atmosphere.They are still seaching for living resources that once belonged to earth.

Above the microbial level, probably not. Whether there are microorganisms, either living or in a suspended state, is a matter of ongoing debate. We won't have a definitive answer until we explore more of the planet, including its ice-covered polar regions.

Yes there is a Possibility of having living things on Mars. We have found Fossils of creatures and water which can help animals or plants survive. Yes, there could be a possibility to have life on planet Mars. A NASA team of scientist Found in a Meteoroid, microscopic fossils. The meteor came from Mars. They also found out that Mars had or has a history of Water. So there could be or have been Life On Mars

Filipinos are the best creatures living ever

They are called organisms, also biotic creatures.

No. By definition, a mythical creature does not exist.

no the lcms are a myth

No creatures of course. your talking about aliens no their not real

Yes, Mars is in fact a living planet.

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