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Browning pistol with serial 32726u70 need year and model?

This would be a Browning Challenger .22 pistol made in 1970.

What is a 1981 browning challenger II 22LR pistol worth?


What is the value of a Browning 22 challenger pistol 102419U8?

50-300 usd

What is a challenger automatic browning 22lr pistol worth?

50 - 400 usd

Are there magazines available for a Browning 6.35mm semi auto pistol?


Browning 32 cal pistol assessories?

Grips, magazines, sights.

Where can you get a replacement magazine for 22 cal Challenger target pistol?

for magazines try:

What is the value of a 22 caliber Browning target pistol serial 66611U74?

Browning Challenger made in 1974. $300-$400.

What is the value of a Browning 22 Challenger 6 34 barrel pistol 113985U8?


What is the value of a Browning Challenger II 22 pistol in excellent condition?

100-250 usd

What is a Browning Challenger 3 22 LR semi auto Pistol worth?

50-225 usd

What years did they make the browning challenger 22 semi auto pistol?

"The Challenger II series .22 Caliber Pistol was introduced in 1976 and ceased production in 1982. The Challenger II evolved into the Challenger III in 1983." from:

I have a Belgian Browning Challenger serial number 70u2p69. This pistol has a safety but no lock to keep the chamber open. When was this pistol made?


How much is a Challenger 22 caliber semi-automatic pistol worth?

That depends... Colt or Browning? Colt Challenger run $350 to $500, depending on model. Browning Challenger runs $250 to $700, depending on model. You've got to be more specific....

What is a Browning Challenger 3 22 LR semi-auto Pistol worth?

50-375 usd

What is value of a Browning challenger 22 cal semi-auto pistol ser.?

50-300 usd

Browning pistol ser116146u8 22 cal i have been told that it is either a nomad or challenger or a buck mark can you tell me what it is?

The letter "u" in the serial number indicates it is a Challenger

Belgium Browning Challenger 22 LR pistol serial 50124U5 when was it made?

YOu will either have to call Browning or see if their website is up and look under customer service.

Is there any such thing as a Browning Luger Mark III?

No,not that I am aware of. Browning makes a Challenger mark III, but that is a .22 lr pistol. Browning also makes the Hi-Power which is chambered for 9mm Luger.

Can you get any part for a browning 22 challenger pistol?

Want ads, for sale ads, gun shops, gun shows, brownell's, egunparts

Do you have any info on the age of a browning 22 cal pistol serial no73268p7?

You have a Nomad model which was made in 1967. These guns were similar to the Challenger and Medalist.

How old is Challenger pistol 52171U5?

Pistol made in Belgium

What is a little browning pistol?

Baby Browning.

What Browning pistol fits a 40163 Browning holster?

A Browning Hi Power

Whats the difference between the browning buck mark pistol and browning challenger?

The Buckmark is a newer version of the same design. Challengers came in 3 models or versions (I, II, III), each being made after the former was discontinued. The Challenger III was very very close to the current Buckmark design, with the aluminum frame in common with the Buckmark. Challenger I and II both had steel frames.