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General irsyk C.O. of the 8th TB in WWII is still alive in southern Florida, he was able to give me answers on my family member who was Kia on 11/11/44 with the 8th tank bat. coy B, he was the 1st LT of one of the platoons. also try irsyk book "he rode up front with patton". Do you have photos?

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Q: Are there any men alive from World War 2 4th armored eighth tank bat co-b?
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During World War 2 where were the 701st tank battalion with the eighth armored division?

I have a book written by Edward Hassett on the 701st Tank Battalion. No where in this does it mention the 8th armored division. The only mentions are 10th Armored Group which they began with but left them in Belgium and joined the 102nd Infantry. Also mentioned were attachments to the 75th Infantry and 94th Infantry.

What insect is called the armored tank of the world?

Beetles are called the "armored tanks of the world" because of their hard,armor-like shells.

What is the motto of Armored Corps Israel?

The motto of Armored Corps - Israel - is 'The man in the tank will be victorious'.

Leonardo da Vinci's armored tank?

this is it

Why was the nickname armored tank given to the ankylosaurus?


Is it possible to build a fast moving armored tank?

yes, its called the M1A1 Abrahms tank

What is the percentage of one eighth tank of gas?

One eighth of anything is 12.5%

How many tanks were in a Japanese armored division?

The 3rd Tank Division - the largest of Japan's 4 armored divisions - had 24 tanks.

Why does the ankylosaurus have the nickname armored tank?

They probably called Ankylosaurus the "armored tank" because it was so densely covered in bony armor plates on its head, neck, back, sides, and tail, just like a tank is armored to protect it from gunshots. Some other things Ankylosaurus shares with tanks are that it was bulky and hard to flip, and they were both well armed: a tank has guns, and an Ankylosaurus has a lethal tail club.

How was the tank invented?

THE TANK: Motorized, mobile armored artillery. Developed starting in the first world war by the British to solve the problem of how to successfully overcome trench warfare conditions.

275 gallon tank how many gallons are in an eighth of a tank?

divide 275 by 8

If they used armored tanks what kind did they use?

All tanks are armored; if they weren't armored they would be called self propelled guns (because they have a cannon mounted on them). It they were armored, but didn't have a gun (cannon) it would be called an armored personnel carrier. Therefore, since it's got armor & a gun, it's called a tank.

How many gallons of gas is one eighth of a tank?

depends on the capacity of the tank in the first place

What are Armored tanks?

An armored tank is a militarized vehicle that is used for taking out and destroying other tanks heavily guarded areas buildings and killing the other countries men

Do they still use tank destroyers in the army?

The Army still uses armored cars and light tanks similar to tank destroyers, but not the same kind of tank destroyers as they did in WWII.

What weapons did Britain contribute to World War 1?

There were probably several, but the only one I can think of at the moment is the armored, tracked vehicle, gun platform that we know as the "TANK."j3h.

Which weapon of mechanized warfare was introduced in World War 1?

The tank is the obvious answer here, but did you know that the first armored personnel carrier (callled the Pig) was also introduced in WW1? Truck transport, artillery tractors, and armored cars were introduced in the early 1900's before the war.

What tanks were used in Vietnam?

1. US Armored Cav squadrons used the M551 Sheridan tank. 2. US Armor Battalions used the M48A3 Patton medium tank. 3. US Marine Tank battalions used the M48A3 Patton medium tank. 4. ARVN regiments used the M41 Walker Bulldog Light tank. 5. Australians (1st Armored Regiment) used the Centurion medium tank. 6. NVA used T-54/55 medium tanks & PT-76 Light tanks. Other Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) used were: A. M-42 Duster, twin 40mm guns. B. M-50 Ontos, multible 106mm Recoilless Rifles. C. M-113 APC/ACAV (Armored Personnel Carrier/Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle); one .50 caliber machinegun and two side mounted M60 machineguns. D. V-100 Armored Car, twin machineguns. E. USMC Amphibious tractors (AMTRACS).

What is a armored division?

The US Armored Division was a division that was organized to be a mobile unit that used tanks. The US Army did not have armored divisions when Germany began its "blitzkrieg" attacks across Europe. The US have very few good tanks. The US Army organized the Division to have 2 Armored Regiments and 1 Armored-infantry (or mobile infantry) Regiment. Later, this organization was found to be too bulky. Also, they saw the need to have smaller mobile armored units to support the infantry advance- simliar to German panzer-grenadier regiments. US Infantry Divisions did not have any armored units as part of their organization. However, they eventually had 1 Tank Destroyer Battalion and 1 Anti-Tank Battalion or more assigned to them for support.

What was the biggest tank used in world war 2?

The T34 Russian Tank was the most formidable and largest tank. At least it was the most deadly tank. You can read about tanks on the link below.The Allied made "Land Ship". It was so big and heavily armored that it would go only 3 mph, gigantic targets for artillery, and would get stuck in the mud.

What is the plural of Tank in German language?

The German word for and armored vehicle or tank is Panzer. The plural is the same, i.e. also Panzer.

Who developed plans for a helicopter-like flying machine and an armored tank and a submarine?

The person who invented the helicopter-like flying machine, an armored tank, and a submarine was Leonardo da Vinci. Images of each type of machine, as illustrated by da Vinci, can be viewed by using the links below.

What was Americas best tank of World War 2?

The Sherman tank. Unfortunately, it was smaller and less heavily armed than the German Tiger tank and would be easily defeated in a frontal assault. However, US tankers learned to ambush the Tiger and maneuver around to the side and back which was less heavily armored and destroy them that way.

Can a tank be transported in a helicopter?

No, tanks are too heavy to be transported by a helicopter. Some Light Armored Vehicles can be transported, but not a tank. There are a couple of commercial helicopters that have the lifting power to move a tank, but it is not military and it is lifted externally, not internally.

What was the Renault R35 used for?

The Renault R35 was a French armored vehicle, or tank. It was known as the Char leger Modele 1935 R in France, and was used in World War II and some decades after that too.