Kia Motors is the second biggest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, selling more than 1.6 million units in 2009. It was established in 1944, making it the oldest car company in the country.

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Where is the nearest Kia dealership?

It depends where you are located. Pull up any maps website and type in "Kia dealership". There are dealerships all over America. You should be able to find one at a reasonable distance to you.

Cars & Vehicles

How many seats are there in KIA carnival?

7 seats.


Where is the VIN of Kia bongo?

Assuming that the Kia Bongo is the same as essentially every other vehicle on the planet... look on the driver side of the windshield. it should be in the bottom corner.


What country is Kia Motors from?

KIA Motors was founded and is headquartered in the Korea Republic (South Korea).

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How do you relieve the fuel system pressure on a 1998 Kia?

On the 99 Kia Sephia 1.8L, on the fuel rail under the hood, there is what looks like a service port. It kinda looks like a valve that you would fill a bicycle tire up with air, it also might have a light ble cap on it. press in the pin like you would let the air out of a tire. (CAUTION) use gloves and eye protection cause this part of the fuel system is pressurized. Some fuel will squirt out but will evaporate soon, faster on a hot day. Hold pin until fuel doesn't squirt anymore. (NOTE) Before starting your car next time, cycle the fuel pump by turning your key to the on position a caouple of times.

Kia Sorento

Where is spare wheel located on Kia Sorento?

Kia Sorento spare wheel?


Kia Picanto LX is not starting?

do you mean when you turn the key it goes click, or do you mean turn key and it turns over but does not fire ?

Crankshaft Sensors

Do you need to replace cam sensor after replacing the crank sensor?

if you have a code w/ cam to crank reference then yes. if only a crank sensor issue the no

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Kia rondo - can someone advise you how to open the gas lid. for refuelling you tried many things but cant open the cap inside the lid?

If you are locking your car before trying to take off the cap, this is the problem. The cap won't come off if the car is locked.

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Where can you get the timing diagram for '98 Kia?

Go to register as owner, select year and model, click service manual, click engine, click engine mechanical system, cilck timing system, click timing belt, click repair installation/removal, click installation,done!


What is the security code for a 1998 Kia mentor radio?

it should be on the drivers manual, if not call your local kia dealer and they will give it to you. they just need your vin #


Where can you get parts for Kia Ceres?

Not in the States. KIA is not selling trucks and/or pickups in US territory, just cars, minivans and SUVs, as far as I know.

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When was the first Kia made?

Kia began building bicycles in 1951, motorcycles in 1957, trucks in 1962, and cars in 1974.

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What does MPI mean when referring to an engine?

Multi Port Injection


How many KIA careens is there in the world?


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How do you replace the fuel pump located on a Kia?

located usually directly under the gas lid, on the frame.... one bolt and the filter has one intake and two out.

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What are the cylinder head torque specs and torque sequence on a Kia pregio?

the correct torque for cylinder head bolt of kia pregio 2.7 diesel is 130-135ft-lbs.

Power Steering
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How do you replace alternator belt 2000 kia sephiacant get the power steering off?

I just recently had to replace mine. You have to loosen a few bolts. There are 2 at the bottom, one at top, and one on the side facing the front of car. The one on the side is to loosen and tighten the belt but you have to first loosen the first three I mentioned before. The one at top, you have to turn the powersteering pully to access this bolt. After that..just takes some good old fashion elbow grease. Hope this all helps.

Clutches and Flywheels

How do you change a 2001 Kia clutch?

It's not an easy job! You have to disconnect the tie rods from the wheel spindles. Then you pull the CV shafts out of the gearbox. Then disconnect the speedometer cable and any other wires or sensors. You'll then disconnect the clutch linkage and start removing the bolts holding the transmission to the engine (they will go around the transmission in a circle). Once those are out, you should be able to pull the transmission away from the engine.

There will be 5 main components to a manual transmission clutch system:

1. Flywheel: This is the engine side of the setup. It's like a brake rotor and the pressure plate is bolted to this.

2. Pressure plate: This is bolted to the flywheel on the engine.

3. Clutch disk: This is sandwiched between the flywheel on the engine and the pressure plate. It is this device that transfers motion and torque therefore making the actual connection between the engine and the transmission / wheels.

4. Throwout bearing: This presses up against the fingers on the pressure plate to engage/disengage the clutch

5. Pilot bearing: This sits behind the flywheel and is actually pressed into the back of the crankshaft.

You'll want to unbolt the pressure plate from the engine flywheel. The clutch plate should pretty much fall down when you take it off... Examine the springs on the pressure plate, are any broken? if you shake it, does it rattle? How is the surface? It should be shiny like a brake rotor and free of gouges and rust. If not, you'll need to replace it. If it looks ok, get a can of brake cleaner and spray it down to clean it up. set it aside.

Look at the flywheel. It also should look smooth with no gouges or major deep lines. If, so, it needs to come off to be machined (not an easy job).

There are many ways to remove a pilot bushing from a crankshaft. I prefer the wet toilet paper method. If you stick your finger inside the center of the flywheel, you'll feel the pilot bushing. Wad up a handful of wet toilet paper and stuff it in the hold slowly. Then take a wooden dowel and hammer it into the toilet paper in the center, if all goes well, the toilet paper will force it's way under the pilot bushing and squeeze it out. Clean out the pilot bearing hole and replace with a new one.

ALWAYS REPLACE THE THROWOUT BEARING! Look at the back of the transmission. There should be a throwout bearing sitting in a clip on the shaft. Remove this and replace it with a new one. Lube the part of the shaft that the pilot bearing travels on with antiseize.

Get a clutch alignment tool that matches your clutch tooth arrangement and put the new clutch disk on it. Slide the disk and alignment tool into the flywheel and also the pilot bushing. It should line up and sit nicely.

Then take your pressure plate and line it up with the mounting holes on the flywheel over the clutch and alignment tool. tighten loosely. Once all bolts are in place, torque them to at least 60 PSI in a star pattern. You now should be able to remove the clutch alignment tool and the clutch should stay in place between the flywheel and the pressure plate.

Line your transmission shaft up with the hole and gently slide it in through the pressure place, through the clutch plate, through the flywheel and into the pilot bushing. You must keep the transmission level w/the engine or you'll mess up the clutch plate alignment and need to loosen the pressure plate to re-align it again. Once it's lined up and flush, replace the bolts following the same torquing procedure as above. Grab the clutch fork and try to move the clutch by hand (it should be possible on that car). It should be hard, but not impossible. It should be pretty quiet w/ no squeaks. Attach all cables and clutch linkage. Test the clutch from inside the car. It should engage and disengage quietly with no major friction. Insert axles and reconnect to the spindles. Attach tie rods. Make sure everything is tight.

Test out the car and clutch. If it's slipping, or engaging too close to the floor, you may need to adjust the linkage.

Car Sounds
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2003 kia van loud knocking noise while warming up?

I went to a dealership and they informed me that it is a braket around the belt housing that gets loose. They have re-designed it and you have to take it in to have it replaced.

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What are the timing settings for a 1998 Kia?


Lahore ka purana name kia hai?

ishrat pur

Chevy Corvette
Check Engine Light

Could it be the air pump or is it more likely to be something else 1985 Corvette runs rough when it is cold and check engine light comes on?

You need to find out the code that is bringing in the check engine light. To do this- under the dash on the drivers side to the right is a computer connector. Turning the key on and shorting out the top right connectors will cause the cooling fan to start and the check engine light to flash. It will read a code 12 3 times( count the flashes with a small delay beween each flash followed by a long delay) followed by the fault repeated 3 times. Your question is too vague to have a good response to. Any number of things could bring in an alarm- O2 low, MAF,EGR operating,TPS low or high voltage,etc. I suggest you find the code and ask another question. You might find the answer is in the code.

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What does Kia mean miltatary-wise?

Killed In Action


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