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Q: Are there any myths or fables about gorillas?
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Are there any myths or fables about zebras?


Are there any myths or fables about tigers?

Yes there are.

Are there any myths or fables about peregrine falcons?


How are fables different myths?

:Fables are lessens with moral values while myths tell stories of gods and heros.

Do Greek fables have gods in them?

Greek fables are myths so yes they do

How fables different from myths?

Fables have talking animals -- that's the definition of a fable. A myth is any story that makes an underlying basis to a culture.

How is a fable different from a myth?

Myths are usually about gods and heroes, while fables are usually about animals that can speak and have human-like traits. Both fables and myths have a lesson to be learned.

Why were fables and folklore and mythology made into different categories?

One category was named Fables and Mythology. The other was Myths and Folklore. We changed it so that Fables and Folklore were together, and Myths was combined into Mythology. It was to streamline the categories, and prevent further crossover.

Are the myths in gta 4 real?

From my experience not at all but fables are.

What is the difference between the characters in fables and myths?

Real people vs. gods

Stories about gods are also known as what?

* Parables * Anecdotes * Fables * Fiction

Can any persone differentiate beteween myths and fables and history and leaborate the use of history in turism?

It depends on the area of history (myth and fable) you are looking into, someone who is studied in Greek history may not know much Greek myth and the same of someone who knows the myths and fables; this is also true of any other area. Someone who knows Egyptian history may not know Chinese and someone who knows the myths and fables of both might not know the history. Yet with enough study of both history and myth/fable, someone usually can say.