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Are there any neurological links between psychopathy and epilepsy or autism or ADD?

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2010-10-18 07:41:20

Definitely a link between epilepsy and autism and ADD...

regarding the psychopathy, I'll bet in many cases there is an

association there as well. I have two children who are patients of

Dr. Michael Goldberg, who is pursuing this theory in treating

children. You can information regarding underlying neuroimmune

disease processes on his website at ... he is helping kids with

autism, ADD and epilepsy by treating their immune dysfunction.

Spend some time reading in his "Articles" section at and you may

begin to understand the relationship between the disorders. The

diagnoses are really just a description of a set of symptoms rather

than a description of what is wrong inside of the body.

Roughly 20% of kids with an autism diagnosis will eventually

develop epilepsy, and I recentle read that there is a higher than

average concordance between epilepsy and ADD as well.

Here is a link (published in the Annals of Neurology) to a study

clearly showing immune dysfunction and inflammation in the brain in


...and here is another interesting link...

clinic posting this page is doing wonders for children)

I'll stop here, but will end by saying that there is a lot of

hope for people as far as new treatments coming within the next

decade or so with these disorders... science is really beginning to

pick up speed in understanding the body at an epigenetic level,

which may well be where the answers lie (if you want to know more

about epigenetics, try to watch the PBS Nova episode called "Ghost

in Your Genes"). I hope my answer helps a little.

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