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Yes there are new features, which you can find on from the main website. The new features including calendars that you can sync with your phone, there's a reminder and many more features

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Q: Are there any new features released recently for Google calendar?
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What are some useful features of Google Calendar?

Google Calendar offers a number of useful features such as being able to share your calendar, send invitations and sync with other applications. Google Calendar also offers mobile access and being able to work on it offline.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a calendar that can be used and viewed online.

How do you remove Google calendar in mac?

From the Google calendar's Settings there is a link to Delete your calendar.

When was Google Calendar created?

Google Calendar was created on 2006-04-13.

Is a Google calendar free to use?

Yes. Google calendar is free to use.

How do you stop Google calendar sending reminders to Gmail?

In the Google Calendar and Google Mail "settings" category.

What function of the application for Google calendar?

You can add your schedules, tasks, everything. You can sync google calendar with iPhone, outlook calendar. One example here:

Google calendar for your wallpaper?

Screen calendar,

Why does your Android OS 2.2 say no calendar?

It could be because Google Calendar (or equivalent) isn't downloaded. You can download a calendar of your choice from the Google Play store.

Which company is the owner of Gmail?

The company is called Google Inc. It also owns Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Docs etc.

How do you put Google Calendar as your Firefox background?

You will have to install a Firefox add-on in order to do this. For example the Integrated Google Calendar add-on.

What is the process to embed the mini Google calendar in a website?

One can embed the mini Google Calendar in a website by going to 'Calendar Settings' options of Google Calendar and afterwards selecting 'Share the Calendar with others'. In this way the Calender can be used by other sources. The next step in to program in HTML language the use of the Calender from the website.