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(These involve mostly vampires, romance, or physcological plots.)


Vampire Slayer D

Vampire Princess


Shingetsutan Tsukihime (Lunar legend)

Vampire Princess Miyu


Dracula:Sovereign Of The Damn

Legend of Duo

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Karin (Chibi Vampire)

Black Blood Brothers

Here are some that are almost exactly the same or very similar to VK (romance, drama, or physcological):

Ayashi No Ceres

Ghost Hunt

Glass Mask

Full Moon Wo Sagashite


Fruits Basket

Earl and Fairy

Tsubasa Chronicle

Zero No Tsukaima


Shakugan No Shana

Soul Eater


I really recommend Ayashi No Ceres. Its not ancient, or old if that's what you think. Its very good

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What is a manga like Vampire Knight?

the manga of vampire knight is much better than the anime

How many people like vampire knight?

There is no exact number of how many people like Vampire Knight, but I can be included in that number.

How many Vampire Knight DVD volumes are there?

hmmm.... do you mean like vampire knight and vampire knight guilty then two but fans are pushing for a third vol if this is what you ment hope it helped

Does Zero like Yuuki in Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty?

Of course not only like her but also love her i wish they be together as a couple!

When will the next Vampire Knight episode come out?

The anime Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty has ended, all the episodes in the series are out. All the episodes made have been subbed and are out on sites like youtube and

What is a good romantic anime about vampires besides karin and vampire knight?

i like karin too, but i think it's Vampire Knight.

Does Yuki from Vampire Knight like Zero?


Who is Sara Shirabuki from vampire knight?

Sara Shirabuki is a pureblood vampire like Kaname Kuran and Yuuki Kuran.

What is the best vampire knight episode?

Well it depends on who you are; my favorites are episode 7 & 8 of vampire knight guilty, and I like aido-senpai in episode 1.

How many episodes are in Vampire Knight Guilty vol 1?

Vampire Knight Guilty is the second season of it, but it has 13 episodes just like the first season.

About how many people like Vampire Knight?

it's a secret....

What are some shows like vampire knight?

bloody kiss

What is a good vampire show that's a lot like vampire knight but not?

Fruits Basket , Dance in the Vampire Bund , Earl and Fairy , D.Gray-man and Ayashi no Ceres .

Which is better Inuyasha or vampire knight?

i like both its close but i would have to say vampier knight

Vampire knight manga?

You can read Vampire Knight manga on A new manga chapter comes out every month. You can watch the episodes on if you'd like to too.

If you were writng Vampire Knight in Japanese what would it look like?

吸血鬼の騎士 (horseman of the vampire)

Is vampire knight awsome?

yes it is!but some people might not like it

Any manga like Vampire Knight dark and sexy but not incestuous?

Try Record of Fallen Vampire and you can read it for free online at

What is an anime that is kind of like Vampire Knight and Fuushi Yuugi?

Dance in the Vampire Bund , Earl and Fairy , Ayashi No Ceres , D.Gray-Man ,

What kind of era is Vampire Knight in?

It looks to me, like a quite modern time. But i think, it wouldn't have a era, since it's vampire manga.

Is there any shows like vampire knight?

Well there are other MANGAS with vampire love, like 'My boyfriend is a vampire'. But if you are looking for romance/love triangle kind of shows, try Fruits Basket. You can buy the books and the movies for it.

Will yuuki follow like her parents that is marry each other in vampire knight?

yes if u see the last ep of vampire knight guilty and the manga u will see she choose kaname

What will zero do when he finds yuuki vampire knight?

He gets mad at Kaname for changing her and then he says one day he will kill her (something like that) just read the manga or watch Vampire knight guilty (:

What anime or menga is exactly like vampire knight?

My friend is in the middle of reading vampire knight, its so good! have u read chibi vampire cause u should, its really good. (by the way, manga is spetM-A-N-G-A not M-E-N-G-A- ok?!) Chibi vampire is the answer to your question Orugartio!

Who does ado like in vampire knight?

Well ado how will I know I mean it is your opinion.