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Yes, well there were. They used t have the Black Wolf, who got replaced by the mem-only Dark Wolf. During New-Year for 300AC they had Chibi Tiger.

Correction: The dark wolf was non mem, and the black wolf is mem. And there are many more non mem pets, the best place to find out about them is the wiki.

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Q: Are there any non mem pets in AQW?
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Is there any non mem chaos lord armor on aqw?


How do you get santas impailer in aqw non mem or mem?

during the Christmas event.

What is the best weapon in aqw for non mem?


What does necklace drop in aqw?

if u r refuring to the monster called giant necklace it drops razor wings-members only custom trooper sword-members only shadow guard- mems only storm guard- non mem ornate long bow on your back- mem only shadow helm- non mem storm helm-non mem

What non membership classes can summon pets in AQW?

Darkside (Rare) , Necromancer (ACs)

How can you get a non memberpet in adventurequest worlds?

Non mem pets are possible. Non mem pets usually require an upgraded Artix Entertainment account or ACs. For example Mercenary Gnome is a non mem pet that can still be acquired with two things. You need for Mercenary Gnome an upgraded Artix Entertainment account of any kind for any game, and 200 Battleon Points. Without these you cannot receive the pet. After you have these two things you need to buy a mercenary contract in the mini game blade haven ( But before you do all this please note if you have a Master account or not. Master accounts are free and easy to make at If you make an account right for the purpose of getting mercenary gnome please remember to link you AQW account to it before you buy the contract because you won't get it if you link it after. Another non mem pet was released during the Christmas season name Rudolf the red noised rainzard. This pet was much simpler to get. All you had to do was pay 500 ACs

Where in AQWorlds can you get non membership pets?

The only way you can get non-mem pets is by AC coins. The cheapest AC pets are Mutated Eyeball and Robotic Drillbot, they both cost 50 AC! Update: The shop where the two pets above came from is rare!

How do you get non-mem pet in aqwordsl?

The only current non-member pets available are Adventure Coin only, meaning that you will still need to pay money to be able to use pets.-King 1658

Can you get non mem voucher when mem?

Yes You Can!Even if your a Member, you can still get the (Non-Mem) Voucher of Nulgath, from the 'Nulgath' Quest you find on a Nulgath Larvae. Enjoy;)

Any non em pets in aqw?

there use to be a dark or shadow wolf. i forget. but there is none now and there the mercenary gnome but you need to play blade heaven and buy the mercenary gnome contract thing.

What weapon do you get from water elemental AQ worlds?

it drops ornate platinum impalers- non mem ornate daggers of time- mem only hydra staff- non mem

How do you bring your pet outside in Fantage if it is a pebble I see other people who aren't members do it?

Those non mems you saw before were mems before. Once you are a mem and have more pets, when you membership expires, you keep your pets.