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No. You're required to take the test at a testing center, to verify you're the person taking the test and are not using any reference materials.

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Plenty of online courses are available for a small price to obtain your GED. Most people who choose this option are very busy and do so because of their work schedule.

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Q: Are there any online GED classes I can take on my own schedule while I work my day job?
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Is it possible to take IFR Training classes online?

No, while you can take some classes online. You will not be able all your classes online>. You need some on-the-job training.

When do you take online computer classes?

Most online computer classes are not based on time. The work is posted and responses can be given as your schedule allows. Phoenix University is one of the most respected of these.

Can I take online classes for business administration?

Many places offer online classes for business administration. One such school is the University of Phoenix, which offers all its courses online to accommodate any busy schedule.

Could I do online courses education and also attend on campus?

Yes, you can take both on-site and online classes at the same time. Online classes allow you to work when your schedule allows but take much more discipline than going to an actual class.

Are there free ESL classes online?

For free ESL classes, visit You will be able to take free classes while you interact with other ESL students in this online community.

Is there any bookkeeping classes that one can take on-line?

There are bookkeeping classes available online. Simply visit for a list of available courses and see which fit your needs and schedule the best.

How can I find a good college for RN classes online?

While you can take RN classes online, it is probably better for you to take them in an actual school setting. After all, as a nurse, you won't be practicing online so it's best to be hands on with this.

What sort of classes would you be taking while doing Online MBA Programs?

You can take your core classes that you will have to take in order to receive your MBA degree. The online class guide is usually provided for you to follow.

If you are in another country can you take online classes while you are away?

As long as you have computer access, it does not matter where you are.

Can I take online ged classes while still working during the day?

Yes, GED classes can be taken online. The benefit to this is that you can study at you own pace and the hours you want.

Can you take ESL classes online?

Yes, you can definitely take ESL classes online. Many community colleges now offer ESL classes online, actually.

Where is the best place online to take GRE classes?

One website that I found is CRT. They offer self paced GRE classes. It is an easy registration and you can find a class that will fit your schedule. Good luck in your studies!