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I was not able to find any online schools that offer legitimate online training in ASP. The closest found was at

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2010-03-09 19:27:32
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Q: Are there any online schools that offer ASP training?
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How long is the online course that offers ASP training and does it offer certification?

There are different online courses available for ASP (Active Server Pages) training. The online ASP training courses tend to average around six weeks in length, and some do offer Web certification after the course is satisfactorily completed. You will find every online course including ASP will vary depending on the school. and not all will offer certification. The only way to find out is to do a search for online ASP training and then check that the school that is offering it is acreddited and offers certification. You can also use free tutorials in advance to get a basic understanding then take the classes as it will make them easier and get you a better grade. You can also continue you ASP training as new technologies devellop.

Where can asp net training be obtained?

Asp net training can be obtained through educational websites online for little to no charge. In addition, asp net training can be obtained from school or other educational and learning institutions.

What kind of deals does Discount Asp offer?

"Discount Asp is about hosting and hosting features. They offer a variety of deals from discounts on software, training videos, and sign up discounts."

Are there any companies that offer ASP hosting with SQL?

Yes, there are companies that offer ASP hosting with SQL. You can visit or for more information

What websites offer cheap ASP net hosting?

Some companies that offer affordable ASP web hosting include Smarter ASPnet, WinHost, PRChecker and Star Hosting. ASP (dot) net also offers up to ten ASP websites hosted free with Windows Azure.

Does ASP hosting offer server supported web hosting?

Yes, ASP offers server supported web hosting. They offer 3 different levels of plans to accommodate different needs.

What is meant by the abbreviations VP ASP?

VP ASP is a software development company that sells online "shopping cart" and other e-commerce programs. One may often encounter VP ASP when shopping onlines at websites that have purchased their software to power their online stores.

Where can I find some info on security training?

There are many places that provide security training. If your job requires it, you should check with your HR department for recommendations. You can find some online classes here:

Are there any Microsoft access classes online?

You can get the ExpertRating Online Microsoft Access 2007 Course (more info at Or you can try official Microsoft training, at

Where can you download sims 2 things online for free?

What are some of the best ASP NET CMS options?

Some of the best ASP NET CMS options are DotNetNuke, Orchard and Sitefinity. You can learn more about these options online at their respective websites.

Do you need to maintain your own servers if you contract for asp hosting?

You will have to have a Windows platform server if you are doing asp hosting. There are many hosting providers that offer asp hosting.

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