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As pets I am not so sure. But it seems they're not being captured because they're merely Near Threatened, not endangered.

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Who was held captive in Babylon?

The Israelites were held captive in Babylon.

Where was Winston churchill held captive?

he is held captive at brlin in nazi germany

Which country was King John held captive?

In which country?Bad king John of England was held captive in England of course. John the Good was probably held captive in England or France.

What were the nations that held Israel captive in chronological order?

In modern time no nation has held Israel captive

How many dolphins are reportedly held captive in Europe?

289 dolphins are sadly held captive in Europe.

Which one of Harry Potter's friends were held captive?

Luna Lovegood. She was held captive to stop her father, Xenophilius Lovegood, to stop printing copies in the Quibbler. She was held captive in the Malfoy Mansion.

How long was Paul Revere held captive?

No one is really sure how long he was held captive after the British captured him.

How can you use the word captive in a sentence?

Her beauty held my heart captive.

Where is tony starke held captive in Iron Man?

Tony Stark was held captive in Afghanistan in the first Iron Man movie.

What happens to women soldiers in the civil war?

Just like any soldier they are held captive in jail.

When did Pocahontas get held captive by the English for ransom?

she was captive by the English for ram-son the year was 1613

What is a captive belly ring?

A captive bead ring is a ring where then opening is blocked by a bead held captive in the opening of the ring by the tension of the ring.

What is a soldier who is held captive by the enemy?

A soldier who is held captive by the enemy is called a prisoner of war. Sometimes both sides make an agreement to release their prisoners.

How do you say captive in a sentence?

The Viet-Minh held the American troops captive until the war was over.

Who kept odysseus captive for 7 years?

Odysseus was kept captive by Calypso the sea Nymph for 7 years. He was held captive on the island of Ogygia.

Are pangolins omnivores?

Pangolins are not omnivores. They are considered insectivores because they only eat ants and termites.

What nation was Terry Anderson held captive in?


Why is Odysseus held captive by Calypso?

She wants him for her husband

What is the antonym of wildlife?

anything of nature that is held captive

In the Boxer Rebellion the Chinese what?

held people captive

How long was Saint Patrick held captive?

Patrick was held captive as a slave for 6 years, from age 16 until he escaped at age 22.

Where were 66 hostages held captive for 444 days in 1970?

Nowhere. The hostages were Americans held captive in Iran from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981.

Where was Saint Patrick held captive?

He was kidnapped and taken to Ireland and held as a slave in that country.

What goddess and enchantress held Odysseus captive?

Calypso loved Odysseus and he spent 7 years with her. He was captivated if not actually held captive. Circe also help him for a year or so.

Do cape pangolins lay eggs?

No, pangolins are placental mammals.