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Are there any pictures of Daewoo lanos engine?

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βˆ™ 2008-07-16 09:08:35

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Hi, here is a pic of a 1999 Daewoo Lanos Motor Regards Pacnat1

2008-07-16 09:08:35
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What oil is used in a Daewoo lanos?

any 5w 30 is what is called for in the manual

Does the key for the 2000 Daewoo leganza have a transponder?

The Daewoo had NO transponder on any of their vehicles from 1999-2002. Incorrect. The Daewoo Leganza had a transponder option in 2001+, as did the Lanos. The Nubria had a transponder option in 2000+.

Why Daewoo lanos have no spark?

i have a 2000 1.5 auto lanos no spark, good plugs new crank sensor new coil replacement ecu any ideas ?

You have a 2000 Daewoo Lanos with auto trans shifting problem after warming up to operating temp have frequently changed filter and oil no metal in trans don't think trans is problem any ideas?

Do you have a check engine light. I have had problems with my 01 Lanos and the check engine light came on and it was the oxygen sensor so that may be your problem

Brake fluid on a Daewoo lanos 1995?

Lanos production starts 1997. However, you can use any fluid with DOT 3 or DOT 4 specification. The system filling contains 0.5 liters.

What is the procedure for replacing engine accessory belt on Daewoo Lanos 1998?

I have a 97 lanos and found a workshop manual on some Russian site a few weeks ago. Been very handy. Doesn't make it any easier, just a little less stress. ENJOY!

Are their any pictures for a duramax engine?

GM.COM has pictures of the DURAMAX in most applications.

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1999 lanos daewoo?

the daewoo lanos has no dipstick. The owners manual suggests that you take the car to a dealer to have them check it. Im sure they want you to pay them for frivolous things. Hence daewoo is no longer sold in usa. I wonder why Answer #2 A grey plastic plug with a large screwdriver slot in it located on the top of the transmission box when unscrewed and removed reveals a small dipstick attached to the underside of the plastic plug. This is also where you add any new transmission oil should you drain it or need to top it up.

Isuzu excavator engine?

Hello. we are looking for an engine for Daewoo 225lcv excavator. please let us know if you have any available & price. Thank you

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You are having trouble getting the window winder off of the Daewoo Lanos 1400 r reg can any one help you please?

I am having the same troubles, have you figured it out yet? I am having the same troubles, have you figured it out yet?

How do you repair a radiator hose connection on a 2001 Daewoo Lanos with AC?

Any plasic parts cannot be repaired. The radiator and and thermostate housings are easy repairs. The bypass tube in the rear requires the intake system to be removed.

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Where can you get a camshaft position sensor for a 2000 Daewoo Lanos?

GM is now importing parts for Daewoo's You can get one for $40 plus shipping Call 800 373 7273 Chevrolet's Aveo is the same drivetrain & transmission as a Daewoo Lanos. Order the sensor from any Chevy dealer --but expect a hassle. They will pry and pry about what the VIN number of your "Aveo" is. Tell them it is an '04 equipped with an E-Tech 1 engine. This earlier sensor will fit. The same thing happened to me. GM in North America does not offer parts for vehicles sold under the Daewoo brand name from 1999-2002. In Canada, the only authorized source for Genuine Daewoo parts is Solvit, 60 Esna Park Drive, Unit 5, Markham Ontario. Contact information is available on their website at If you're in Canada, you can get 1 from the Canadian importer for Daewoo Parts - Solvit APC in Markham, Ontario - phone 905-947-8540, fax 289-333-0081, email

How do you fix 2002 Daewoo Lanos transmission stuck in 2nd gear It is killing the gas and you are afraid the tranny will blow Also your radio won't work?

It is a GM/Chevy trans, so any good transmission shop should be able to help you.

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If you need to change the engine in your 1998 Daewoo Laganza what else will fit?

check other daewoo with same engine size 1.6,1.8 etc.also check to see if any other manufacturer crosses daewoo engines. for example ford and Mazda use same engines in different cars and trucks like the ranger and the b2000 have the same motor etc. Blocks are from GM so may be a starting point from there.

Where is the water pump on a 2000 Daewoo Lanos and are there any special tools needed?

the water pump is run off the timing belt and there is a specal tool for the adjustment on the timing belt witch is adjusted by the water pump the kent moorve number for the tool is J-2492-A

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Where can you find a brand new 2000 leganza daewoo engine?

I spent endless hours researching the same question. Unfortunately there is no where you can buy a "new" engine. I had to buy a used engine with a warranty. It was fine. My wife was driving her Daewoo when the timing belt tensioner broke and bent the valves. I was going to rebuild the engine but like all Daewoo parts they are expensive. It was cheaper to buy a used engine and do the swap. Do a search for used Daewoo engines. Or go under I used Athens Auto Recyclers from Alabama. Engines I found were from 750-1500 dollars. They included shipping, but that was because I lived in Alabama, there is an abundance of used dealers in the U.S. especially in Arizona. GM mad the motors but since Daewoo went bankrupt GM discontinued any parts that were available. Daewoo's have a short shelf life. 80,000-100,000 miles and then the fun starts to occurr........