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Q: Are there any pictures of Frankie Jonas and Madison pettis?
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Which of the Jonas Brothers is single?

None! Frankie is taken by Madison Pettis, Nick by a girl named Rachel (Not lying!), Joe Camilla Belle and Kevin by Danielle Delesa

Madison Pettis and franke Jonas kiss?

thats a lie babe

Whats Frankie Jonas's full name?

Frankie Jonas name is Frankie Jonas

Is Madison Lovato younger than Frankie Jonas?

Yes, she is. I believe she is 3 years younger than him.

Is Frankie Jonas the youngst?

Frankie Jonas is the youngst Jonas

Who is Madison lovato?

Madison Lovato is Demi and Dallas lovato's younger sister she is Frankie Jonas best freind BTW dont get no ideas please they are just freinds.

Who plays Frankie in Jonas?

In the television show JONAS, Frankie is played by himself. In other words, Frankie is Frankie...

Madison de la garza and Frankie Jonas best friends?

I wouldn't say there best friends but there pretty close!

Who plays Frankie in the TV show Jonas?

Frankie Jonas plays the role of Frankie in the sitcom Jonas. Frankie is the youngest sibling of the musical trio Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas. His full name is Franklin Nathaniel Jonas.

What is Frankie Jonas whole name?

Frankie Nathaniel Jonas

What is Frankie Jonas' favorite number?

he is the Jonas bonas the Jonas brother's little brother Frankie

What is Nick Jonas little brocalled?

Franklin Jonas. his nicknames are Frankie , Frankie, bonus Jonas

What is the birth name of Frankie Jonas?

Frankie Jonas's birth name is Franklin Nathaniel Jonas.

What nicknames does Frankie Jonas go by?

Frankie Jonas goes by Bonus Jonas, and Frank the Tank.

Does Frankie Jonas have a clubpenguin?

the only person who can answer this queition is Frankie Jonas.

How tall is Frankie Jonas now in 2010?

how tall is Frankie Jonas

What is Frankie Jonas's nick name?

Frankie Jonas has many nicknames. some of the most popular nicknames for Frankie is frank the tank and bonas Jonas.

Who does Nick Jonas like the best from joe Kevin and Frankie Jonas?

nick Jonas likes joe and Kevin but he likes Frankie morenick Jonas likes joe and Kevin but he likes Frankie more

What are the nicknames of Frankie Jonas?

Frank The Tank and The Bonus Jonas are Frankie Jonas's nicknames

Is Frankie Jonas single?

Frankie Jonas is single and so cutee lol =)

When was Frankie Jonas born?

Frankie Jonas was born on September 28, 2000.

How tall is Frankie Jonas?

Frankie Jonas is 4 foot 5 inches

Is Frankie Jonas really one of the Jonas brothers?

yes Frankie is there brother

What is the name of fourth Jonas Brother?

The name of the youngest Jonas Brother is Frankie. So it goes: Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Nick Jonas Frankie Jonas

How old is the Jonas brothers please show their pictures?

I don't know how to put their pictures on here but Kevin is 21. Joe is 19. Nick is 16. and Frankie is 8.