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There is a type of injection, I'm not sure what the name of it is but is it used as a contraceptive more than for stopping your periods. It does stop your periods after a few months. Speak to your GP or family planning clinic. If it irregular periods you have, try the pill, it does take a few months to regulate itseld out.

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Q: Are there any pills or any way to stop you from having your period if you already have it?
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How can you stop from having your period?

Take birth control pills.

Can you stop your period by starting a new pack of pills when you are supposed to be taking the sugar pills?

Yes, this is a way women have been avoiding having periods at inconvenient times for several years (during vacation, honeymoon, holidays) and was the reason drug companies started marketing pills intended to stop monthly period all together - or having short quarterly periods. There is no medical reason for women to have a monthly period and in fact the bleeding during the week you take placebo pills is not a period at all - it is withdrawal bleeding caused by hormonal drop when you stop taking active pills.

Can birth control pills stop your period?


Can you stop taking your birth control pills after having menstrual period?

Yes. You can stop at any time, but that is usually the easiest and the way the causes the least irregular bleeding.

Can you delay your period by taking birth control pills the day your period starts?

Your period should not start unless you take a placebo pill. If youre already in menstration, it will eventually stop your period until you start placebo. To skip. Period, just skip the sugar pills which do not do anything, and start your next active pill.

How do you stop your period early without pills?

You can't stop your period early, not without pills and no guarantee with pills either. Menstruation is a process, it takes time for it to come to an end and it will end in its own time.

What happens if you took your birth control backwords?

the pills you take when your having your piriod have nothing in them they are just sugar pills so if this did happen. you should keep taking your pills assigned for when you are off your period when your period starts stop taking them for 7 days and then start a new pack the right way. the only difference from starting backwards is that the first week did nothing for you and you were not protected from getting pregnant. a better option would probibly be to stop having sex and taking your pills wait until your next period and start the right way.

What can you use to stop the period?

pills, pills, and more pills.... or make babies (only lasts 4 about 9 months)

Can you take pills to stop your period if taking the mini pill?

dont because pills is pill

Can your period stop after inserting NuvaRing?

Your period may stop after inserting NuvaRing, just as your period may stop after starting a new pack of birth control pills.

Is it possible to stop your period by switching off the placebo pills and onto to the normal pills two days into your period?

Yes. Taking the pills that way does not increase the risk of pregnancy.

When you stop taking your birth control pills and u have a period is that a regular period or a pill period?


Does Tylenol work to stop your period?

No, Tylenol will not stop your period. It may help to decrease discomfort that comes with your period, though. The only drugs designed to stop your period are marketed as birth control pills.

What day does your period begin while taking birth control is it once you stop taking the active pills or does it begin when you finish the entire pack including the inactive pills?

The first day of your period will start once you stop taking the active pills.

What are the effects when you stop the use of contraceptive pills?

you stop having contraceptive aid and might get pregnant! You will stop having contraceptive aid and might get pregnant.

When a women is pregnant will she stop having her period?

Yes a woman that is pregnant will stop having her period, until the baby is born.

Is a period lasting one day be considered a period?

Many types of birth control pills make a period very light, some will stop having periods completely. It is normal. If you are having any other symptoms that seem abnormal, consult with your health clinic or doctor.

Does having protected sex stop you from having your period?

No it does not.

At what age do you stop having a menstrual cycle?

i am 45 and on birth control pills I have not had a period for 2 months. I took a pregency test but it was negetive what's happening to me.

If im starting to take your new birth control pills and your period comes on the 14 but you started taken them on the 12 will that stop your period?

Answering "If im starting to take your new birth control pills and your period comes on the 14 but you started taken them on the 12 will that stop your period?"

If you stop taking your pills to have your period early how many days on the pill after your period till you can have sex?

Don't take it in the first place! That is a horrible thing to get into!!! Do it only for the sake of having a wonderful blessing!(a baby)

If I'm on week 3 of active pills and have 4 pills left and if I forgot to take my last 3 pills should I stop taking the rest of the active pills and wait for my period since I use it only to regulate?

Yes, stop taking the pills for this month.

Can you stop your periods temporarily?

Yes. If you are not on birth control and plan on going away, ask your doctor for a pack of pills.. if you know you gonna get your period, take the pills few days before it will stop it... when you leave your vacation, stop... and few days your period will come.

Can antibiotics stop your period?

No, antibiotics definitely cannot stop your period. The only known possible way to do is is by taking contraceptive pills, or getting a hysterectomy

I don't want my period this weekend and am changing from loestrin to micronir If I stop my pills on a Saturday will I be done with my period by next Thursday?

If you don't want your period this weekend so you are changing from Loesterin to Micrrnir and you stop your pills on a Saturday, you will likely start your period within 72 hours. Depending on how long your period is, you may not be done with your period by Thursday.