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Yes, there are many heat tolerant/ zerophytic plant species that can be found in the various deserts of the world. See related questions

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What is a producer in the desert?

Any plant, and only plants, are the producers in a desert.Any plant, and only plants, are the producers in a desert.

Are there any plants in the Turkestan Desert?


Are there any invasive plants in the desert?

yes there are invasive plants in the desert in fact most of the invasive plants live smack in the middle of the desert therefore although people say a desert is nothing but sand there are trees in there

What are desert producers called?

Plants! Plants are the only producers in any biome.

What is the primary producer in the desert?

All plants are the primary producers in the desert or any biome.

How do plants in the desert make food?

Plants in the desert use photosynthesis to make food just like any of the plant in the world.

What is the consumer in the desert?

Any animal found in a desert is a consumer. Only plants are classified as producers. Some animals eat plants, other animals eat animals that eat plants. Plants are the basis for any food chain.

What are the 7 consumers for desert?

Every animal that lives in any desert in the world is a consumer. All feed on plants or animals that eat plants.

What are desert plants characterized by?

Desert plants are characterized by their absorbant stems. Desert plants are characterized by their absorbant stems. Desert plants are characterized by their absorbant stems.

Does any plant in desert bear a flower?

Many plants in the desert produce flowers. That is their method of sexual reproduction and required for the plants to survive and propagate.

Desert plants are characterized by?

Desert plants are characterized by?

Do any desert animals eat desert plants?

Yes, many animals in the desert feed on plants - rabbits, hares, squirrels, mice, rats, deer, antelope, sheep, javelina, etc.

What are some plants in the desert biome?

It can depend. Some desert biomes have cacti, which are plants that don't need much water. Other desert biome areas have dry desert bushes and grasses. Other than that, there aren't any other plants I know of. Hope this helps!

What are the producers in a desert food chain?

Plants are the producers in any biome.

How do plants support animal life in the desert?

Plants are the primary producers and the basis of any food chain.

How do desert plants support life?

Plants are the producers in any biome and are the basis of all food chains.

Does the desert have plants?

Yes the desert has plants such as cati.

What plants cannot survive in the desert?

Plants that can not survive in the desert are the plants that are not able to adapt to the changes in temperature that occur in the desert.

What are the producers of desert biome?

Any plant growing in the desert is a producer - grasses, trees, shrubs and other plants.

In which desert would you find aphids?

Aphids can be found in any warm or hot desert which has plants upon which they feed.

How do plants in a desert get nutrients?

Plants in the desert get the nutrients they need from the soil.

Do vascular plants live in the desert?

The vast majority of plants growing in a desert are vascular plants.

Where do cactus plants live?

The cactus plants live in any Desert area. But sometimes it depends on the type of cactus it is.

Are there any animals in the desert that eat the plants?

The vast majority of animals in the desert eat plants - insects,rodents, rabbits, hares, tortoises, deer, antelope, sheep, etc.

Do any plants grow in the desert?

There are many plants that are adapted to living in deserts. They are called xerophytes - plants able to survive with little rainfall.