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There are two very rare and valuable gold coins. The first rare gold coin is the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, there are only 12 remaining as the rest were taken out of circulation with the end of the gold standard. The Brasher Doubloon is another that only has 7 remaining coins and used to be a state currency when the states had their own money.

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None of these are rare.

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Q: Are there any rare 10 dollar 1894 gold coins?
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Is the george washington gold dollar more rare than the Sacajawea gold dollar?

The answer to your question is NO. None of the one dollar coins that are "gold colored" contain any gold, they're made of brass. Neither coin is rare by any means.

What is the value a john Adems coin?

$1. The presidential dollar coins are struck from brass, not gold and are not rare in the least.

What are rare one dollar coins?

Please be more specific. Many U.S. one dollar coins are considered rare.

What is the new dollar value?

All so-called "golden" $1 coins (both Sacagawea and Presidential Portraits) are standard circulation coins worth one dollar. They do not contain any gold and are not rare.

What is the rare twenty dollar coins?


How rare is a 1935 silver dollar?

For the Peace dollar series 1935 is not a rare coin. The only rare Peace dollar is the 1922 high relief matte proof coins.

Why are gold coins in hero up so rare?

Because those gold coins get you more hero's in the game by the way you can get gold coins when you spin the wheel!

Are there any rare coins from the Bahamas?

Yes, there are rare coins from the Bahamas. One of the coins is a 1991 Bahamas gold coin where only 500 of them were made

What is the value of uncirculated 50 dollar gold eagle coins?

Based on the current price of the ounce of gold they contain, they are worth about $1150 each.Dan MooreThe Working Man's Rare Coins

How rare is a 1923S Peace Dollar?

The 1923-S Peace dollar is not rare by any means, circulated coins are only $37.00-$41.00. Typical Mint State coins are $47.00-$51.00

What are rare coins worth?

That depends on which rare coin you have. Some rare coins are worth only 150 dollars in average circulated condition while others are worth thousands of dollars. To get a more specific answer include the date and denomination of your coin.

What Trinidad and Tobago coins are rare?

A hundred dollar coin produced in 1981 and another hundred dollar coin produced in 1976 are considered to be one of the few rare coins produced by Trinidad and Tobago.