Lakes and Rivers

Are there any rivers or lakes in Albania?

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No mountains, but many rivers and lakes (more than 11,000 lakes).

There are many River and lakes in Colorado.

Canada has more lakes and rivers than any country in the entire world. There are over 3 million lakes in Canada.

Looking in Google Earth, I see a number of rivers. I do not see any natural lakes, but there are several reservoirs, artificial lakes created by damming the rivers.

Yes, there are many. There are 37 rivers and 21 lakes in Tasmania. This is probably only the main ones.

The rivers and lakes of Asia.

Yes it does have both rivers and lakes.

Some rivers do feed into lakes.

what are the major rivers and lakes in quebec

There are no lakes or rivers in Monaco.

najor rivers or lakes of Nunavut

it has a little bit of lakes and rivers

Yes, Germany has many rivers and lakes.

the outer space is what is composed of lakes rivers and oceans WRONG. The Hydrosphere is composed of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

There are 85 major rivers, and 45 major lakes, for a total of 130 major lakes and rivers in Mexico.

Any where there is not land. Besides lakes, rivers,ect.

Yes they do i dont know what they are though

i need a answer some one answer

compare and contrast the lakes,wetland and rivers?

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