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You can search it up. A lot of universities and colleges offer a medical technician program. There are different universities depending on where you live.

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Q: Are there any schools or colleges that offer a medical technician program?
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Best school to become a radiology technician?

The best schools in north america for radiology technician schools is at Miami. They have the best medical university program in the state. Try the online program as well.

What are the pharmacy technician school in US?

Pharmacy Technician Schools are found at most universities and collges, FAU, FIT, University of Miami, University of Florida, Community colleges and medical online schools.

Where are the nearest x ray technician schools?

There is a wide variety of x-ray technician schools all over the country. There are, for instance, x-ray technician schools at several local community colleges and junior colleges.

What colleges have good medical schools?


Which colleges have medical assistant diploma programs?

Some schools that offer medical assistant diploma programs include Keiser University, Dorsey Schools and the College of Health Care Professions which is an online program.

What are some of the best pharmacy technician schools?

Some of the best pharmacy technician schools are Overian University in Ohio, and Truman University in Pennsylvania. Both of these colleges offer pharmacy technician classes.

Is there a school for Emergency Medical Technician's?

There are a variety of schools offering Emergency Medical Technician training throughout the United States. For a complete list of schools look at the following website:

Are there any x ray technician schools?

There are x ray technician schools! Although most colleges offer x ray technician programs, you can find schools that specialize in x rays. ITT Tech is a good example of a school that has x ray technician programs.

What are veterinary technician schools?

Veterinary technician programs are offered to prepare people for working as a veterinary technician. Some programs are offered through community colleges or state universities and others through for-profit colleges. In the US, prospective students should look for a program that is AVMA accredited as this is part of the credentialing requirement in most states.

What are some radiology technician schools in America?

Radiology technician schools are found all over in the United States. DeVry and Virginia College are just two examples of colleges that offer radiology technician programs.

What degree to study for a vet technician?

Most states require veterinary technicians to have completed an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited veterinary technology program. These are associates degree programs at colleges and universities or may be diploma programs through for-profit schools.

Who is the student accepted to 11 medical colleges?

who is the student accepted by 11 medical schools

What schools offer Veterinary Technician training programs?

There are many different colleges that offer a great training program to becoming a veterinarian. Some of these best schools in the country include Harvard, Louisville, and IUS with on the job training.

What has the author Gerlandino Agro written?

Gerlandino Agro has written: 'National questionnaires involving U.S. medical schools' -- subject(s): Educational surveys, Medical colleges, Universities and colleges 'Procedural manual and guidelines for derivation of data of funding medical school program resources' -- subject(s): Computer programs, Finance, Medical colleges

What types of colleges in California can you attend to become a pediatrician?

Medical schools

What are the top 100 medical schools in the world?

what are the top 100 medical colleges of the world at present?

What colleges can you go to become a pediatricion?

any college for the first 4 years, then any school with a medical program. Most large State schools and Universities have these

Is an education requrired to be an ultra sound technician?

Yes. Becoming an ultra sound technician does require an education. You will need to earn a certificate or a degree in an accredited ultrasound technician program. Vocational schools offer basic certificates, two-year colleges offer Associate degrees, and four-year schools offer Bachelor degrees. You can find information on specific ultrasound technician programs at

Where can I get a list of histology technician schools in South Carolina?

From what I could see there was only one school in South Carolina that offered a histotechnology program. It is the Medical Univeristy of South Carolina Medical School, located in Charleston.

In how many schools colleges medical colleges the training of medicinal herbal gardening is provided?

all. its optional course

How long does it take to get your patient care technician certification in Houston Texas?

About 6-8 weeks depending on the program. Request some info from

What colleges have a good culinary program?

Many schools have a culinary program. See related links below.

How much schooling for vet tech?

In the majority of states in the US, a veterinary technician is required to have completed an American Veterinary Medical Assoc. accredited veterinary technology program. These programs typically take a minimum of 18 months through for-profit schools and 2 years through state-funded schools like community colleges or universities.

What schools in the United States offer this type of program?

When you need to find out where you can find open mri technician schools the best place to look would be an online medical university. They will list the locations, and lots of information about their courses.

Where can one find certified medical assistant schools?

Many post-secondary education venues, such as vocational schools, community colleges, and colleges offer certified medical assistant courses that you can take and receive a certificate in.