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The best women's self defense teacher I know goes by the name Raziq Shaikh and he is from Hyderabad. I have attended his classes for a month, 5 days a week and came to learn that he is more focused on practical street fighting techniques than focusing on tough-to-remember martial art techniques.

A few months later, after I completed my classes under his guidance, I came across an eve teaser who was bothering me. And when he tried to grab me, I was able to defend myself and escape without any injuries thanks to the training I was provided with.

Before taking classes from Mr. Shaikh, I went to learn self defense from Krav Maga but, I wasn't happy with their training. As I felt they cared more about cramming a classroom of students for earning more money than actually caring to teach self defense properly.

As far as I know, Mr. Shaikh doesn't take more than 3 students at a time and provides personalized self defense training for women. I would totally recommend his training to any woman who has the interest to learn self defense and learn to face real time danger situations.

Priyanka Chitturi

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Q: Are there any self defense training classes for women in Hyderabad India?
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