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Q: Are there any shetland pony shows in Canada?
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What is better a pony or a Shetland?

That is a matter of oppinion. Of course the full name of the Shetland is the Shetland Pony. A pony is any horse under 14 hands. This could be just about any breed, wheras, the shetland is just one breed.

What does a shetland pony eat?

Grasses, hay and fruit and veggie treats, just like any other pony or horse does.

How does a shetland pony behave?

Any types of ponies in general can, naturally, be very cheeky.

Can cobs do pony club?

Yes. Any horse can do pony club, whether it be a shire or a Shetland. Cobs are ideal-being steady and hardworking animals. Enjoy pony club :)

What needs do a shetland pony have?

Shetland ponies have the same need as any other horse would. Basically, they need shelter from the elements, food & water, vet & farrier care, etc.

How do you groom a Shetland Pony?

The same way you groom a real horse. If its in the winter like right now, you take a curry comb and brush him/her down. Then just brush their mane out with a brush. If you know how to groom any horse, then that's how you would groom a Shetland Pony.

What do you calll a very small pony?

A pony, no matter how small is still a pony. There are a few breeds of pony that are particularly small, these include the Shetland pony, Fallabella miniature horse, and the American miniature horse. Remember, pony is a height designation for any equine under 14.2 hands high.

How many babies do shetland ponies have?

Like any other horse or pony, one. Or...if you're lucky....she COULD have twins!! (rare) ;)

How do you weigh a shetland pony?

The same way you weigh any other horse - some bigger barns have scales or there are certain measuring ropes you can use.

How do you put a shetland pony on a diet?

the way you place a Shetland pony on a diet will depend on many things, including, what and how much it is fed, what it's workload is like, and it's age. The easiest way to put any horse or pony on a diet is to slowly reduce it's grain ration and increase the work the horse or pony is doing. If this does not work, then you'll need to perhaps decrease or change the hay you are feeding to the animal. Always consult with a equine veterinarian or equine nutritionist about dietary changes.

What is a pony competition?

A Pony is a classification of a small horse with a specific conformation and temperament. There are many different breeds of ponies. So a Pony Competition can be any event involving these horses, ranging from pony races, pony shows, pony pulls anything the competition organizers wish to organize.

What is the capital of the shetland isles?

there are no cities in shetland but the place that appears on the weather is Lerwick and the largest piece of land is obviously the mainland The capital of Shetland is Lerwick, although Shetland does not have any cities, that is the main town.

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