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Q: Are there any slang words used on the SAT Test?
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Is the word an or a used prior to an acronyn that starts with s or m example I took an SAT test or I took a SAT test?

Use "an" before a vowel sound and "a" before a constanant. If you are pronouncing SAT as the word sat, then you would say "a sat test" but if you are pronouncing each letter separately, then it is "an ess ay tee test".

What rymths with cat?

Mat Sat Rat Knat Cataract Bat (either animal or baseball tool) Pat Hat Plat (for those who use the slang of platter) Flat (can also be used for the slang of house) These are just ten of the many rhyme words.

Does the SAT have calculus questions?

No, the original SAT test does not have calculus. The SAT Subject Test for Math 2 also does not have calculus.

What is the expansion of abbreviation SAT?

The expansion used to be SAT: Scholastic Apptitude Test. Then it got changed to Scholastic Achievement Test. Once it was figured out that the SAT measures not apptitude nor achievement, the SAT doesn't stand for anything now. Interesting enough, look at SAT when it is written by the ETS and there aren't periods after each letter (like they used to be), which indicates that SAT is no longer an abbreviation.

What kind of test SAT gives?

SAT is a standardized test, giving an approximation of a student's ability in comparison to other students. There is the original SAT test and the SAT Subject Tests.

What test can you take to prepare you for the SAT reasoning test?


Do the online SAT practices prepare you for SAT test?

The online SAT's do prepare you for the SAT test because the SAT questions do not test intelligence rather they are predictable. Because they are not an IQ test, similar questions can be practiced online to help a student achieve a higher score easily.

What score i need on the SAT test for graduation?

The SAT is not used for graduation, but for university entrance. To get into a top university you need a score of at least 1400 or above.

What has the author Linda Carnevale written?

Linda Carnevale has written: 'Hot Words for the SAT' 'Barron's SAT 2400' -- subject(s): Nonfiction, OverDrive, SAT (Educational test), Study Aids & Workbooks, Study guides

Information about sat prep help.?

The SAT is a standardized test used by colleges to gauge students level of academic aptitude in verbal and math skills. SAT Prep help are usually materials or classes used to help students study and prepare to score as high as possible on these tests. You can find several free SAT prep courses, test and flash cards online designed to help students to take the SAT by taking practice test and using flash cards with sample questions.

If you drank on wed will it show in your urine test on sat?

if i drank on wed will it show in my urine test on sat

How do you become an SAT test proctor?

How do I become a SAT proctor?