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There are several schools in Seattle that focus on hotel management. One of the best is Seattle Community College.

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Where can I get a restaurant management degree?

You can find a list of accredited schools in restaurant management on the following site: http://www.directoryofschools.com/Hotel-and-Restaurant-School.htm. They have a long list.

Introduction of hotel and restaurant management?

Introduction of Hotel and Restaurant Management is a class that is offered at many culinary schools. This course teaches prospective hospitality professionals about how to run their own hotel or restaurant.

Where can I find vocational technical schools for buiness education in Seattle?

If you go to the web yellow pages, yp.com, and insert business votech schools and Seattle, WA you will find accredited schools such as Joaquin Community, Everest and others.

Are there technical schools in the new york area?

New York has a lot of technical schools including the following: Lowell Business and Technical Institute, TCI - College of Technology, the Keller Graduate School of Management and DeVry University.

When was Seattle Public Schools created?

Seattle Public Schools was created in 1867.

Where are tutors for restaurant management classes?

There are available agencies that offers tutoring services in various fields like restaurant management. If you want to avail some, you can search the web for offering schools or agencies or you can ask your school if they can recommend some.

What is the budget of Seattle Public Schools?

The budget of Seattle Public Schools is 556,194,609 dollars.

Are there any crane operator schools in Seattle?

The University of Washington offers a course in construction management. Through that course you can get connected to variou heavy machinery schools in the Seattle area. There doesn't seem to be anything in Seattle. The closest we find is OE training in Ellensburg,WA. Their website is http://www.oetraining.com/.

Do they offer online classes for restaurant management school?

Some management schools do offer online training. While it may be good, it is not equivalent to a face to face course.

is there any online technical schools?

Yes, there are many technical schools that offer online degrees. Most technical schools such as ITT Tech offer on campus degrees as well as online schools.

Business networking opportunities for a restaurant?

Restaurant owners can network with local businesses in order to promote discounts to their customers. Management can also work with schools and social organizations to promote discounts.

Where can I find information and advice on automotive technical schools?

Finding information on automotive technical schools can be found through television commercials, public schools and through technical colleges. In addition, using the computer to find automotive technical schools can be of assistance as well.

What sports management schools will help me get a job?

Some of the colleges for sports management are ITT Technical Institute, TechSkills, University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and DeVry University. Of course, some of them are online schools. They will be able to help you get a certificate or a bachelor degree.

Are technical schools mainly for technology?

Technical schools are not mainly for technology. Technical schools teach mostly hands on things. For example, they teach welding, automobile repair, and things of that nature.

What cheap property management trainings are there in Massachusetts?

There are three schools in Massachusetts that offer property management training. They are Fitchburg State University, Greenfield Community College and Motoring Technical Training Institute.

What states have good quality technical schools?

It depends upon what technical specialty you are interested. Most states have some good technical schools, but while one state may have great nursing schools, its agriculture schools may not be sufficient.

Where can I find a good technical school?

There are multiple technical schools in Florida. Here is a compiled list of the schools for you to find one that is close to your home. http://www.technical-schools-guide.com/Florida-technical-schools.html

What college is the best sports management school?

The best college for sports management are ITT Technical Institute, TechSkills, University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and DeVry University. Of course, some of them are online schools.

Are there any schools in Austin, Texas that offer online technical training?

Yes, there are schools in Austin, Texas that offer online technical training. You can see them at http://www.technical-schools-guide.com/austin-texas-technical-schools.html

What are the five schools of management?

The schools of management establish a theoretical framework to study management. The five schools of management are the behavioral school, classical school, systems school, contingency school, and quantitative or management science school.

What are the schools in the Philippines with scholarship for Hotel and Restaurant Management course?

I have worked in hospitality industry and i need to add my skills hence becoming more competent in the industry.

Are there any schools in Seattle, WA that offer nursing degrees?

There are many nursing schools in Seattle, WA. Although you can attend schools with nursing programs, going to a school that offers BSN (bachelor of science in nursing) is much more advantageous. The following schools all offering that degree: Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, and University of Washington

What are the best technical schools in Africa?

Accra Technical Training Center, Ghana

Where can I find good technical school in Wisconsin?

You can go to technical-schools-guide.com.

How can I attend a Technical school?

There are many different technical or trade schools in your area. The best way to find out about the technical and trade schools in your area is to look in a local yellow or white pages.

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