Are there any uses of ultrasound in medicine?


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yes when you get an ULTRASOUND when your pregnant it use ultrasound waves to show the image.

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It has countless uses in medicine, but is most commonly used by the doctor to "see" a developing fetus in a pregnant woman.

Animals use ultrasound but i do not know what animals do,

The uses of ultrasound by animals are so that they can locate their prey and find the location of other objects or predetors.

Ultrasound imaging can help doctors during procedures such as needle biopsies,

people use ultrasound technologies, such as sonar and ultrasound imaging to observe things that they cannot see directly.

Ultrasound machines are used for many medical reasons. Some of the main uses of ultrasound machines include disease diagnosis, pregnancy, biopsy guidance, and therapeutic sonography.

Two practical uses of ultrasound are to view unborn babies in the womb, and to scan pipes and containers for hidden flaws, especially at welds.

Ultrasound is absolutely safe. It uses mechanical waves, e.g. sound waves, to detect depth and shape of internal figures. The reflection of the waves back to the sensor show the image according to the strength of the wave upon its return.

Its an ultrasound that uses sound waves, which gives you a clearer image of what your baby looks like!

Ultrasound or thermoacoustic refrigeration uses a resonating sound wave to induce a thermal gradient.

Wayne State University School of Medicine in detroit offers ultrasound training.

Ultrasound are usedful in diagnosing medical problems caused to human beings.

The uses of electro magnetic waves in medicine?

Echocardiography uses ultrasound to view the inside of the heart.Cardiac Echo/2D Echo

American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, 14750 Sweiter lane, suite 100, laurel, MD 20707-5906. (301) 498-4100 or (800) 638-5352.

Ultrasound can be used for a lot of purposes. This includes cleaning machinery, teeth and jewellery, and inspecting pipes. It is also used for looking inside our bodies such as an ultrasound scan.

Besides jewelry cleaners it is uncommon to find any "normal" house hold items that utilize this technology.

Diagnostic ultrasound has several various uses. Its main uses are for horses. Its use externally on horses is to evaluate tissue and tendon injuries and its use internally is for reproductive purposes.

A carotid ultrasound examines the structure of the carotid arteries. A carotid ultrasound is used to test for blocked carotid arteries which could result in a stroke.

4-D ultrasound, Radio Therapy and HemoPurifier.

it is used for babies to drink medicine.

The population in which this procedure is normally done is elderly

Ultrasounds have many uses in Science, especially in medicine. A great application of Ultrasound lies in cosmetics! Ultrasound is ideal for metling fat cells and help people achieve topical fat loss, with no surgery. Please refer to the suggested link for details. ADDED: In medicine its primary use is for diagnostic imaging. It is also used for destroying kidney and bladder "stones". For two more, non-medical, fields, Ultrasound is also used for non-destructive testing in engineering; and at much lower though still "ultra" frequencies, in sonar marine-surveying systems.

A sonographer uses ultrasound to image body organs.

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