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Try Vside you have to download though but its really fun ages 13 to 18 hope i could help :D

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No, there aren't.

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Q: Are there any virtual worlds that allows users to do what you do in the reality world but virtually but most importantly its free and does not need download?
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What type of literary genre is paul stewart's virtually true?

"Virtually True" by Paul Stewart is a science fiction novel. It combines elements of technology, virtual reality, and mystery to tell the story of a boy trapped in a virtual game world.

When was The Reality of the Virtual created?

The Reality of the Virtual was created in 2004.

What is the difference between virtual reality and reality?

virtual isnt real.realitysucks

What is the message in the story virtually true?

The message in the story "Virtually True" by Paul Stewart is about the danger of losing touch with reality in a virtual world. It explores the theme of escapism and the consequences of becoming too immersed in a digital reality at the expense of real-life connections and experiences.

Is 3D considered to be Virtual Reality?

No, by itself 3D is not considered to be virtual reality. 3D graphics is necessary for Virtual Reality, but without the addition of feedback and model simulation, Virtual Reality cannot work.

Are virtual reality glasses real?

There are no Virtual Reality Glasses, but there are VR headsets.

Will ub funkey work on Macs?

UB funky should work on a Mac, but make sure you have a strong internet connection as it needs the internet to play it, and more importantly, download the driver to use the UB funky.

List different components of virtual Reality system?

list different components of Virtual Reality system

A simple definition of virtual reality?

A 3D environment you can interact with, like reality - but virtual.

How does desktop virtual reality differ from immersive virtual reality?

in immersive virtual reality users use head gear and gloves to communicate to a virtual computer system usually it involves interacting with 3D objects. Desktop reality are computer simulations generated on the screen.

What are the virtual reality technologies?

Virtual reality is a computer simulation that imitates reality. Virtual reality can be used for entertainment or for science. (calculation, etc.) Nowadays, virtual reality is used to heal phobia. It is used to train pilots.

What is augmented reality & Virtual Reality?

There is no major difference between Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality.You can check out here "inaugment" for the best answers.