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No, there is no way to get rid of a cavity other than going to a dentist. There are ways to help the pain temporarily if it's needed, but only a dentist can remove the cavity.


And even when you get rid of the pain it doesn't mean that the problems with the cavity have stopped. The bacteria that causes cavities are not removed by the pills that ease the pain. If you don't treat your cavities you can easily end up with total prosthesis by you're 50. You can see this video for more info on cavities -

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Q: Are there any ways to remove or treat a cavity without going to the dentist?
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How do you remove plaque of the teeth without going to the dentist?


Can you get rid of cavities without going to the dentist?

No. I do not think you can do that. You would have to go to the dentist. Not possible to get rid of them. Although you could try brushing the cavity for a couple hours.

How do you remove braces without going to the dentist?

You Just get a nife and try and pick at themm lawl , naa you have tii go to the dentist sorry :'(

Can you eat before you get a cavity filled in?

A dentist prefers for you not to eat right before a cavity is filled. If you do eat, make sure to brush your teeth before going into the dentist.

How can you whiten your teeth without going to the dentist?

brush it daily

How can you tell if you didn't or did lose a tooth without going to the dentist?

The dentist would inform me that I lost a tooth.

Where can you get a temporary tooth without going to the dentist?

The ghetto, bling bling!

Is there anyway to make a device that could be used for chewing without going to a dentist or the dentist is unable to fit false teeth?

NO NO AND NO!!!!!!!!!

Can you get false teeth without going dentist?

My top front left tooth

How do you get cavities to go away without going to the dentist?

By taking the tooth out. I do not recommend anyone to pull a tooth, instead go to the dentist.

Can I remove tartar at home without going to the dentist?

Do not try to remove tartar by yourself at home, as you can injure yourself. Have a professional do it, you will get a much better job. There is a new product, Periogen, which dissolves tartar at home with repeated applications.

How do you get rid of cavities without going to the dentist?

Actually, yes, there is. Most dentists won't tell you this because they make about $100 on cavity repair, but using Baking Soda+Peroxide, Anticavity toothpaste actually reverses the effects of cavities. I noticed a cavity myself on my left front tooth and used this same technique to get rid of it. My cavity became shallower, and overtime disappeared, and enamel was instantly restored to damaged parts of my tooth whre my cavity would have gotten a lot worse. It is not painless, however. The first time I tried this technique, There was severe stinging in my cavity (caused by killing off bacteria and decay), and my gums started to bleed. Beleive me, though, It's a hell of a lot better than going to the dentist.

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