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Yes because two giant pandas are arriving at the Toronto Zoo in 2013.

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Pandas are not native to the UK and those that exist here do so in zoos.

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No. Wild pandas do not live in the UK.

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Q: Are there any wild giant pandas in the UK?
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How many pandas are there left in the UK?

Pandas are not native to the UK. Any pandas that are in the UK are in zoos.

What are the names of the giant pandas in UK?

Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

Which zoos in the UK have Polar bears?

The Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland is currently the only zoo in the UK housing giant pandas.

Are there pandas in Taiwan?

Pandas are not native to the UK and will only be found in zoo's. Edinburgh Zoo, in Scotland, currently has three pandas, two males and a female, who they borrowed from China in an attempt to breed them and increase the Panda population.

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