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No, insects like moths, ladybugs, and bees have six legs. Some mantids (praying mantis family) have four legs that they walk on, two legs that we usually call "arms," and wings. But other than that, not really, no. Most bugs have six (insects), eight (arachnids) or dozens of legs (millipedes).

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Does every bugs have 4 legs?

Bugs (insects) have six legs. This is why they are classified as insects. So therefore, the answer is no.

If a bug has 6 legs its an insect what if it has 4 legs?

I don't think there are bugs with four legs.

Does any insect have 4 legs?

No. Insects have six legs.

What insect has 4 legs and 8 eyes?

a monkeyta has 4 legs, and 4 eyes, and a spider has 8 legs and 8 eyes, but i don't know of any that have 4 legs and 8 eyes

What is the name of the 4 winged dinosaur?

The name of the 4 winged dinosaur is Microraptor. It was a real dinosaur living it had wings on its arms and legs. Paleontologist are having a argument on how it flies. It uses its wings to soar through the air. It is like the flying squirrel, gliding from tree top to tree top.

Is a snake a quadruped?

No, quadrupeds are animals with 4 legs. Snakes don't have ANY legs.

Does anyone have any good riddles?

what has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 3 legs at night? Answer- Man

Do snakes really have 4 legs?

No! Of course not. Snakes do not have any legs. They slither, like worms.

What bugs have 3 fangs?

There are currently no known species of bugs or any other type of animal that has 3 fangs. Most bugs that do have fangs will either have 2 or 4 of them.

How many legs do the white tiger have?

they have the same amount of legs as any other 4 legged animal!

Any animal with 4 legs beginning with pod?


How many bugs are there with more than six legs?

None. To be an insect, among other factors the invertebrate can't have more or less than 3 pairs of jointed legs. If it has 8 legs than it usually is a spider and if it has less (most commonly 2 - 4 legs) it is a mammal.

What mammal has 68 legs?

I don't think there is any. Mammals have 4 legs. (some have 2) like humans!

Does a dog have 4 legs or 2hands and 2 legs?

4 legs

Is bloon tower defense 4 safe from bugs?

yes it is very safe they run checks to see if there are any bugs on the game every week

2 legs sat on 3 legs eating 1 leg 4 legs jumped on 2 legs 2 legs got mad at 4 legs threw 3 legs at 4 legs?

2 legs is a humain 3 legs is a stool 1 leg is a fish 4 legs is a cat

Did the stegosaurus walk on 2 legs or 4 legs?

4 legs and I am sure

Why do frogs have 4 legs?

Front legs stabilize and hold the body up to facilitate jumping. Frogs can walk as well as hop which takes four legs. The male frog needs to clasp the female during breeding so he needs front legs.Frogs need their front legs to comb bugs out of their mouths that have a bad taste or sting.

There is a bus with 4 children inside Each child has 4 bags Inside each bag there are 4 big cats Each big cat has 4 small cats How many legs are in the bus?

There are 1,288 legs in the bus.

A table and 4 chairs are in a room each with 4 legs How many legs are there?

There are 5 objects, each with 4 legs. So, in all, there are 5*4 = 20 legs.

How many legs do 3 dogs 2 cats and 2 monkey have?

# A dog has 4 legs. 3 dogs have 12 legs. # A cat has 4 legs. 2 cats have 8 legs. # A monkey has 2 legs. 2 monkeys have 4 legs. # 12 + 8 + 4 = 24 legs.

What is another 4 letter word for winged?


2 legs sat on 3 legs 4 legs jumped on 2 legs 2 legs got mad and threw 3 legs at 4 legs?

A man (2 legs) sat on three legs (a 3 legged stool), 4 legs (dog) jumped on 2 legs (man), 2 legs (man) got mad and threw 3 legs (stool) at 4 legs (dog). There are many variations of this.

Is a spider a bug?

Technically, spiders are not bugs since they are not insects. Not even all insects are bugs. Only insects belonging to the order Hemiptera are bugs. Although, bugs may refer to any small creature with more than 4 legs. So it is possible; but Spiders are definetly not insects. Okay, here are some quick facts. The term bug is defined as and insect or small arthropod. Arthropods include insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. Therefore, spiders are bugs. I have no idea why this is a debate when there is something called a dictionary to tell you what words mean.

3 cats 2 dogs and 1 monkey have how many legs?

1 cat = 4 legs 1 dog = 4 legs 1 monkey = 4 legs (2 used as arms, 2 solely as legs) 4(3)+ 4(2) + 4(1) = 12 + 8 + 4 = 24 legs