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Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

Are there any words that begin with m that relate to the civil war?


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· Quantrill, Confederate Captain William and his "Quantrill's Raiders" · Quartermaster

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The attack on Pearl Harbor brought the U.S. into the war. George Patton was a U.S. General during the war.

Civil War battles were fought at Oak Grove (Virginia), Olustee (Florida) and Opequon (Virginia). Richard J. Oglesby was a Union General during the war.

Williams Gun - a rapid fire cannon developed by the Confederates.Winchester - A town in the Shendoah Valley, VA, that was captured many times.General Lew Wallace - A Union general who fought at Shiloh. After the war he wrote the book "Ben Hur".

Sorry, but there are no two-letter scrabble words that begin with V.

Harry Truman was U.S. President at the conclusion of the war. The government in Germany under Adolph Hitler was called the Third Reich.

Many words begin with the letter n. However, no words in the English language begin with the letters nt.

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A word that begins with the letter "X" that relates to Kentucky could be xylophone. There is a xylophone in nearly every school orchestra or band room in all states.

During WWII William Halsey, Jr. was US Fleet Admiral. William Donovan was the director of US OSS during the war.

Yes there are many Civil War Heros who's last name begins with B. Some words that begin with B are Belle Isle Prison and the "Bull Run" the site of Civil War's earliest and bloodiest battles.

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Nope. At least not in English.

There are many words that begin with "K" if you refer to any type of dictionary it will list some as well as you could google words that begin with K.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, James Kemper, James H. Lane, James A. Walker and John G. Walker were Confederate Generals during the Civil War. Jefferson Davis was the Confederate President during the war. James Island (South Carolina), Jenkins' Ferry (Arkansas), Johnsonville (Tennessee) and Jonesborough (Georgia) were the scenes of Civil War battles. James A. Logan, James S. Wadsworth, John Newton and Joseph Hooker were Union Generals during the Civil War.

No English words begin with 'ss'. Some abbreviations do (for example, SSE), but not words.

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