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Q: Are there any zwinky cheats for more zbucks on zcard?
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How much is a zcard gift card?

there are 3 kinds of Zwinky Gift Cards1- 1500 Zcard Zbucks and its for = $10 2- 2500 Zcard Zbucks and its for = $153- 5000 Zcard Zbucks and its for = $25and for more info you can earn a zcard from this website , its supported by zwinky

Zwinky cheats for money zZcard or any cheats for zwinky?

The only thing you can do to get free zcard money is to press the 'add more' button near the zcard icon and chose 'earn zcard' then chose an offer you can comply with and complete.

How do you get more than 1000 zbucks a day on zwinky?

it isn't possible. zwinky only lets you get 1000 zbucks a day which is stupid.

How do you get 5000 zbucks on zwinky?

well to do that an east way is buying a zcard just click need more bucks and click 5000 type in your pay thing then you done its easy

Your zwinky zcard bucks wont show up on your account what do you do?

just log off of zwinky and then log back on.if it still doesn't shpw up just stay off it for a while until u get you more zbucks.

How do you get your zwinky zcard?

Znote my zwinky for more info!flyleaffan101 is its username!

How do you get zwinky powers?

To get zwinky"powers", you need to buy a zcard of $15 or more. There is no other hack or cheat i know off, which can get it.

How do you get more zbucks and zchievements with a cheat code on the website?

go on gay zwinky and press F1 and then press F12 then enter!

Are there any zwinky cheats for more zbucks?

yes there is, just go to the game crib gear then hit the 3 shuffles , quit, redeem ur zbucks and keep on doing that until u cash the amount of zbucks per day BTW THIS IS A NEW GUY SPEAKIN : Also you could Go to Campus dash Redeem all of your 1000 z-bucks,When your on your last once redeem it and then press f5

How do you unlock clothes on zwinky because i can't?

u unlock clothings by getting more zcard or people buying u things

How can you buy a Zwinky prepaid card if you live in Europe?

Prepaid card? Um...I'll try to answer this as best as I can: As long as you have a PayPal account or any of the credit cards that Zwinky will take you can buy a ZCard. =D I hope that answers your question? Click on the ZCard button near your money and Zchievements to find out more.

Are there any zbuck cheats for zbucks on zwinky?

yes there is this site called a member of the zwinky team runs it u choose beetween 200 400 800 1000 u cansign in more than 1 time u can! but u hav 2 enter ur usename and pass like most sites thiz one so works i signed in and got 10,000 $$$$ ZWINKY ZBUCKS cuz i signed in 10 timez! not that hard! wanna add me on zwinky....i hav accounts and their ames add me if u see me...byez!

What is the pin for zwinky zcard?

There isn't just one pin number there all different and if u don't have a zcard then go to a store and purchase one there only 5-20 bucks not that expensive. And when your card has no more money on it there should be a pin number on the back of the card. When you first sign in on zwinky there's this thing at the bottom of your zwinky picture that says redeem gift card then you enter in your pin.

What do you do on Zwinky?

Zwinky is an online social network site based around customizing avatars known as Zwinkys. Players usually design their Zwinkys through a exclusive list of both physical features and clothing options that are acquired on Zwinky using currency known as Zbucks. When a player is not busy dressing up their Zwinky with the latest styles, they are probally interacting in themed chats and playing tons of games to earn the ever so popular Zbucks ( has great tips ) for more accessories. You to can create your own Zwinky character and join the Zwinktopia Community.

When you play a game on zwinky. What is the code for the bowling game to get more zbucks?

Well I don't know the code for the bowling game. But, luckily I know the one for the racing game. When you are done playing the game and you are redeeming your zbucks, you press F5. Hope I helped!

What is the cheat code for zwinky invisibility?

hi my name is Carly, I'm gunna tell you how to get the invisable cheat, tan cheat, zcard cheat, zcard refill cheat, and many more. know some of the cheats are deleted but that ain't true none of the cheats are deleted. if u want any of the cheats just email me with ur username and password( i won't hack you if you don't believe me i don't really care and i don't care if u think i hack i have an alsome acount with tan, 9387 on my zcard, invisable cheat and alsome friends.) if u do believe me just email me to: i 'm more then 100% sure that u wont get hacked and u will get the cheats you want i promise you. And if you don't believe me i can give u an acount with the invisable or tan but not zcard or zcard refill srry. And on the tan or invisable acounts it doesn't have 2,000 achevements or anything becase it's new and i just made them. thank you and buy sincerly, Carly Alsone

How do you get quick money on zwinky?

I need more muck money. but you know I get a 100,000,000 Zbucks WHAT I DID? I Press F5 Then Press F12 Then Press Enter Then Log Out And Log On If Nothing Else Has Gone Add Me In Zwinky This Is My Name:zarinabambico Add me If You See Me Thank You.........BYEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!.

Do any of you have an extra zwinky account with zcard that you could lend?

OK the person who last edited this...please do you hvae any more accounts....someone changed the pass :(

Ive won 300 zbucks in a day how can you win more?

Ive been on zwinky for so long now and theres a game called checkout challenge which you can get a lot of money for get to the level 10 or 11 and you'll get like 68 zbucks the games not hard its easy hope you enjoy it.

How do you get more Zbucks?

play campus dash get 300 zbucks a day play it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you get more zchievements in zwinky?

Well you can play games i got up to 19,803 by playing games. Also there are no cheats for Zwinky. But there are ways to get a free zwinky gift card but you would have to be a credit card hacker.

How do you get more money on zwinky without doing anything?

you go to one of the dorms such as the dungeon or the abacuss and click on earn zbucks and press shuffler and hey presto click quit then cash in money

How do you get more z-card cash?

you buy it with credit card,cell phone, or paypal or zwinky gift card =]]]] when you see how you have 0 zcard cash next to it is buy and you know wut 2 do

Does a zwinky cost money?

No, it's free. But, if you want to buy zcard bucks, you need to pay. Other than that, it's completely free. You won't get charged if you play for more than a year or something.

Are there some more zwinky cheats that still work?

hi i do kno 1 cheat you can type in //afk to go to sleep