Are there bogs in Michigan?

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Yes there are bogs in Michigan. Some of them are: Mud Lake Bog, Bishop's Bog, and Saul Lake Bog.
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What is a bog?

A small body of trapped water that farmers make cranberrys in. also they act like a giant sponge when it starts to flood. An area of soft, naturally waterlogged ground.

Where are bogs found?

Bogs are most abundant in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in a broad belt including the northern part of the deciduous forest zone and the central and southern parts of the boreal forest zone. Farther south, and in drier climates farther inland, they become sporadic and restricted to specialized ( Full Answer )

What are bog bodies?

bog bodies are mummified bodies of people or animals, that are found in peat bogs. They are preserved for many years under the mud, and many of the ones found are dated back to the Iron Age. Bog bodies are preserved by all the acid in the ground, and their discovery spots are often in Europe. Bog bo ( Full Answer )

Is it spag bol or spag bog?

Both spag bol and spag bog are words. They refer to a specific fooddish that is similar to spaghetti.

Why does your KTM bog?

Make sure you have a new (right kind) of spark plug. Next I would say you may have to rejet your carb. But it could also be your air filter or reeds(if a 2 stroke).\n. \nIf plug, reeds (if a 2 stroke) and air filter are all good, I'd guess a rich main jet.

What lives in a Bog?

Bogs are filled with plants, animals, and insects. Depending onwhere the bog is located, you may find moss, cattails, newts, andmosquitoes. You may also find moose, dragonflies, frogs and otheramphibians, as well as ducks and geese. These are just a few of themany things you'll find in a bog. Bogs a ( Full Answer )

Why is your KX 125 bogging down?

Since it is a 2 stroke, you need to keep revving it every few seconds even when sitting still or in idle or the engine will shut off. It might also be because you need a new spark plug. It is located directly under the gas tank on the egine. Try pushing down the plastic cap on the plug, and if that ( Full Answer )

What plants are in a bog?

Swamp plants are mostly in bog, but you may get flowers growing in a bog.

Animals in bogs?

Bogs can inhabitant many animals. Some of these animals includefrogs, water birds, fish, mammals and other amphibians. Bogs arefound all over the world.

Where is Michigan?

North of Ohio! It is the only state surrounded by lakes. East of the Missisipi. In the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. To the North of Michigan it is Canada Michigan consists of two peninsulas, which are not connected to each other by land Try this map, Michigan is the ( Full Answer )

How is a bog endangered?

I guess they are endangered because we drain or do thing to the land to expand our cities and farms and make living more convenient.

What is bogs?

a lake or pool . A bog is like a marsh, but bigger and more marshy.

What is a peat bog?

A bog in which peat has formed and accumulated through partial decomposition of mosses, sedges, trees, and other vegetative matter.

What is a bog orgys?

Bog Orgys is a game in France. It is a game were u basically have lots of SEX with a buch of people.

What is a bogs climate?

Since bogs are found in both temperate and tropical regions of the world, there is not one particular type of climate associated with bogs.

What is a bog wetland?

A bog is a wetland with lots of dead plants and the soil is very damp and muddy

What adaptation allows bog plants to live in a bog?

Bogs are highly acid, low nutrient, low-oxygen, water-logged(especially in the lower layers) and, usually, cold. Plants in bogsare severely limited in growth by the lack of available usablenitrogen specifically. Plants have adapted several different waysto compensate for the lack of fixed nitrogen i ( Full Answer )

What is bog diving?

Bog diving, or bog snorkeling, is a competition originating in Wales. Once a year competitors snorkel the length of a channel cut through a peat bog. They are not allowed to use their arms, but use only flipper power. It usually benefits some charities. It has been picked up by other countries in ( Full Answer )

What does tree bogs mean?

A tree bog is a form of outhouse which has willows, nettles and other nutrient-hungry plants planted around it

What is a bog or a swamp?

A bog or mire is a wetland type that accumulates acidic peat A swamp is a wetland featuring temporary or permanent inundation of large areas of land, by shallow bodies of water Moorland or moor is a type of habitat found in upland areas, characterised by low growing vegetation on acidic soi ( Full Answer )

Why is a bog bouncy?

Bogs are made of layers of rotting and decomposing plant matter (reeds, grasses, leaves) which are partially immersed in water. This forms a wet sponge of material which partially floats on the water and is semi-solid. There is a lot of give and take in such a structure and it deforms and recovers w ( Full Answer )

What are Bog Goggles?

Glasses included in the book "Ottoline at sea", that enable the wearer to see the hidden illustrations.

How did bog mummify the dead?

In these cases, the acidity of the water, cold temperature and lack of oxygen combined tan the body's skin and soft tissues, whilst the skeleton typically disintegrates over time. Such mummies are extremely well-preserved on emerging from the bog, with skin and internal organs intact

Definition of a bog?

-noun . 1.. wet, spongy ground with soil composed mainly of decayed vegetable matter.. 2.. an area or stretch of such ground.. -verb (used with object), verb (used without object) . 3.. to sink in or as if in a bog (often fol. by down ): We were bogged down by overwork. . Hope this help ( Full Answer )

How do bog mummies form?

a body in a bog gets mummified by the acids in the peat in the bog.

Why did the war get bogged down in the trenches?

I assume that it was because fire power had developed hugely in terms of accuracy and volume since (say) 1815 whereas methods of moving men under fire had not. Any soldier without protection was highly likely to be hit; the protection available at the time was limited to some well built-up fortifica ( Full Answer )

How are bog mummies made?

It is put in salt to dry it out and then rubbed in oils and then its organs, minus the heart, are put in canopic jars and then their brain is pulled out and smashed because apparently it is useless.

How do you fix a bogging out dirt bike?

usually when a dirtbike is bogging it is not getting enough fuel or air you should fist check the air filter and then check the air filters lines going to the carb and then make shure they are all clean if there all clean then check the gas lines making shure that nothing is clogging them up. try se ( Full Answer )

What is mudd bogging?

Mudd Bogging is when you Take A 4x4 out into the Mud (also known as 4 bying)

What is the English word 'bog' in Italian?

Torbiera is an Italian equivalent of the English word "bog." Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is la ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is una ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "tohr-BYEH-rah."

Is a bog real?

Yes it can mean (is slang for) a toilet. It is also a large deep area of sphagnum moss (as in an Irish peat bog).

Which country does the word bog come from?

It's difficult to trace the exact country, but we do know it's from the Gaelic word "bogach", which means "swamp". It was then adapted by the English in the phrase "bog-standard". Meaning something looks or smells like a swamp.

What do bog ponies eat?

Bog ponies are easier to make overweight, and that's the biggestproblem. Regulate their feed so they stay a healthy size, and keepthem off rich spring grass.

What is the Florida Bog Frog's call?

" Currt-Currt-Currt-currt-currt " is the call of the Florida Bog Frog ( Rana okaloosae , Lithobates okaloosae ). Specifically, the voice of the Florida Bog Frog involves series of 5-15 guttural rattles. It is made at the rate of four or five (4-5) per second. The volume falls from beginning to en ( Full Answer )

What is the Bog Torch Orchid's range?

East of the Mississippi River is the range of the Bog Torch Orchid ( Habenaria nivea ). Specifically, the orchid may be found in Delaware and New Jersey along the more northerly reaches of the eastern coast of the United States of America. It may be found from eastern North Carolina to Florida i ( Full Answer )

What is the Bog Torch Orchid's habitat?

Open, unshaded areas are the habitat of the Bog Torch Orchid ( Habenaria nivea ). Specifically, the orchid can handle intense, strong sunlight. It particularly favors moist, but not waterlogged soils. It therefore may be found in bogs, open pine woods, savannahs and wet meadows.

What is the Bog Twayblade's range?

East of the Mississippi River is the range of the Bog Twayblade ( Liparis loeselii ). Specifically, the wild orchid ranges as far northeastward as Maine. It may be found growing as far southeastward as North Carolina. It grows as far southeastward as Alabama. Additionally, its range can extend ( Full Answer )

A sentence for bog?

Even with the ATV's off-road capabilities, the soggy bog was too much for the vehicle, and it became stuck.

Why does car bog down when cold?

It could be your IAC, Idle Air Control. The IAC can be affected by temperatures. A test to see if this is your problem, start your engine and allow it to stall. Open your hood and VERY LIGHTLY tap your IAC with a hammer or screwdriver. Try starting it again. If it runs fine, your IAC is sticking. If ( Full Answer )

What is a bog wash?

When someone or a group of people shove someone else's head into the toilet and flush his head an act of humiliation or domination

Why do birds live in bogs?

Bird live in bogs because they are stupid birds that don't know what they are doing in the normal life cycle they live in with their stupid shelf dummy assess.

How are bogs prepared?

Step 1 : the bog is prepared they are drained leveled and supplied with railway trackes Step 2 : the peat is harvest Step 3 : the peat is transported from the bog Step 4 : the processed peat is marketed

What are bogs?

The official definition of the word bogs is "wet muddy ground toosoft to support a heavy body."

What is an Irish bog?

It is an area of marshy wetland formed by the thick growth of aplant (a moss) called "Sphagnum".