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Are there certain ways a guy can immediately tell if a woman is good in shoes?


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Ahhh, if it were only that simple. So many factors come into play, but the best short answer is to be emotionally involved and committed to the relationship. There are not signs to look for as far as I know and Im a woman. I look absolutely normal and am a tomcat in bed. You know that old idea of the librarian ladies that look so demure during the day and turn into vixens at night. Then there are girls that dress the part of a "hottie" and when it comes down to it are not able to live up to their look. Besides two people together is what makes the bed time hot. You explore one another and get down and dirty within reason for what each of you are prepared and willing to do. Its a different experience with different people.

== == As a rule, shy people (male or female) are better at sex than the loud-mouth, flamboyant types. If they talk WAY too much, you had better believe they suck at sex. Trust me on this. ; ) "AMEN" #3 most talkers are just that all talk and no-go, or no blow! Can't stand women that only use their mouth for Blab,Blab,Blab. If some one Male or Female is not expressive with words! Then look out in bed because we all use some outlet for expression, and if that exspressive outlet is sex-Well then you ask about SHOES? Better wear your combat-boots to bed.