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  • The state of Texas has great dental coverage for the people who live in Houston. Dental Coverage is very important to have because you never know when you will have a dental emergency. Make sure you are covered get dental coverage that is right for you. Affordable coverage is the key.
  • One of the oldest charity clinics in the United States, San José Clinic has provided healthcare to the uninsured since 1922. It is the only full-time clinic in the Greater Houston area dedicated exclusively to serving the uninsured.More than 1.1 million--one in every three--persons in the Houston/Harris County area lack health insurance. The demand for low-cost care in this area is consistently greater than available community resources. Primary healthcare for the uninsured is grossly inadequate, and specialty care is almost non-existent. Because of the Clinic's extensive corps of volunteers and teaching affiliations, patients are able to access specialty services in addition to primary healthcare.

A bit more:

Dental schools often offer extremely low prices on all sorts of dental services. The dental interns work pretty much as M.D. interns do, working under the supervision of experienced doctors to obtain experience, while at the same time providing quality care for patients. Dental colleges offer the same quality of services, just not in hospitals where M.D. interns do their residency.

So I would advise you to check with local dental colleges to see what kind of services they offer. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

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Q: Are there cheap places in Houston to get dental work done?
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Where can one get cheap dental work done in Miami?

Cheap dental work can be done in Miami at Miami Dade College by dental students. It can also be done at Dental Care Group and Bal Harbour Smiles Dentistry.

Are there places in Houston to get free dental work done?

If there is a dental school (college) nearby, you may be able to get your dental work done there, if not for free, then at least at a very reduced cost. You can also check with the ADA (American Dental Association) to see what programs they can recommend for free dental service, as well as your local Dept. of Health and Family Services.

Can I have dental work done by students at a university?

Yes, there are places you can get dental work done by students. I have been to a place like that before and wasn't pleased with the results. Yes, you can, and at a discounted rate. Dental schools often have their students perform dental work, in order to give them real life experience.

Where can you get dental work done for cheap at a school in Minnesota?

One source of lower-cost dental care is a dental school clinic. Generally, dental costs in school clinics are reduced and may include only partial payment for professional services covering the cost of materials and equipment. Your state dental society can tell you if there is a dental school clinic in your area.

Where can I find information about oil change specials?

Most places that do oil changes year around offer oil change specials that are very cheap. As it is there cheap and can be done at all places that do oil changes.

Where can i find some cheap dental servies in denver?

The Metropolitan Denver Dentist Society have several low cost services listed, it will depend on your financial situation and what dental work you need done. The InnerCity Health Centre quotes $80 per tooth for emergency dental work

trying to find a dental school who need patients to practise on in houston need work done but not much money.?

Medvance Institute�??unstarred is a school like that 6220 Westpark Dr # 180, Houston, TX�?? - (713) 266-6594�??

How can dental plaque be treated?

Dental plaque can be removed by scaling. This can be done by your dentist

Where can a dentist search be done?

A search for a dentist can be done at many places. 1800Dentist has listings of thousands of dentists. Mouth Healthy offers a search of American Dental Association member dentists around the country.

What factors should I take into consideration when selecting a cheap dentist?

You should determine that the dentist specializes in the type of dental work that needs to be done. You should also discuss that you will be paying for the dental work yourself so there will be no insurance company hassles. See if the dentist can offer you a discount or some other convenient payment plan. If there is a dental school nearby, check to see if they offer any relevant dental services.

Is there any place that does free wisdom teeth removal?

Dental COLLEGES (but it's done by dental STUDENTS).

A free dentist?

In Australia you can get free emergency dental work done. There is also a dental scheme at present that allows people with more then 1 chronic health condition to get free dental work done by a private dental practitioner of their choice. there is a limit to the amount payed by the Government.

Can dental work be done with a tongue piercing?


What is the difference between a dental post and dental build up?

A dental post is necessary when a root canal procedure has been done on a tooth that requires a crown. A build up is done on a tooth that needs a crown and has not had a root canal.

Dental work was done when I did not have dental insurance and now that I have it can it be used?

Your insurance is good for any work you have done from this point forward. It does not cover work that was performed prior to having the insurance.

Can dental xrays be done during pregnancy?

Dental xrays are not harmful to you or your baby. So, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself or your baby. They are completely safe and recommended if you need one done.

Why do we need a dental service?

We need dental services so that we can deal with our dental issues properly. Dental hygiene is a deeper concept than it seems. It includes basic dental cleaning like brushing, mouthwash, flossing, good dental habits along with professional dental care and checkups as well. Professional dental cleaning can be done through dentistry.

Can you have dental work done with a fever?

depends how bad your fever is

What are the negatives of dental veneers?

Dental veneers doesn't strenghten your tooth so it would break easily if you accidentally bite on hard objects like finger nails, pencils and peanuts. Dental veneers are not cheap and it is not repairable when it fractures. So you need to take good care of it once you done it. For more info kindly view

Can you have dental work done with a sore throat?

Yes, you can have dental work done while having a sore throat, but it is courteous to contact the office and explain the situation as you will expose the staff to your illness.

Can dental work be done while using methotrexate?

Yes, some people are on methotrexate for life. It is okay to get dental work done. You just have to pay extra attention for signs of infection.

How much will I save by getting dental work done at a university?

You can receive dental treatments by going to an accredited dental school that offers dental care by their dentists in training. You can save as much as 60% by receiving your dental treatments this way and it is often much cheaper than having dental insurance.

When was Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap created?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was created on -19-07-01.

Can you get a vaginal infection after having dental work done?

You can, but I don't believe it will be a result of dental work.You can, but I don't believe it will be a result of dental work.You can, but I don't believe it will be a result of dental work.You can, but I don't believe it will be a result of dental work.You can, but I don't believe it will be a result of dental work.You can, but I don't believe it will be a result of dental work.

My friend needs some dental work done and does not have dental insurance. I "think" there are places in McKinney, Texas, where she can let a student-in-training work on her teeth. Please send me that information, and I thank you.?

Dental schools, which are professional schools within a university, sometimes have clinics that treat the public as experience for advanced dental students. The students work under the direct guidance of established, professional, licensed dentists. That is the only place a dental student would be authorized to work on a patient.