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Q: Are there cheat codes for T20 cricket in facebook?
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Is the world cup cricket odi or t20?

it is both odi and T20

When t20 cricket come?

In 2003

Who hit first century in t20 cricket?

Chris Gayle, in international T20

Who will be the captain of Pakistan t20 cricket series?

Muhammad hafeez will be the captain of t20.

When sachin retire from t20 and 1-day international cricket?

Sachin played for only one T20. He retired in 2013 from test cricket.

Who won the T20 worldcup for cricket?


Do you have essays on t20 cricket match in English?

no no no

Is T20 cricket good or bad?


What are the dimensions of the cricket field in T20 cricket?

same as the regular feild around 65 meters because the T20's are played on a regular cricket ground as ODI or Test.

Where play cricket worldcup t20 2011and which month?

There is no t20 world cup in 2011, it is in 2012.

What is the goal of a t20 cricket match?

T20 Goal is entertain people in short time :P

Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

According to my point of view T20 cricket is best for newcomers. Because now days no have more time to effort or loss his time in front of television or on mobile. T20 cricket declared result earlier and also a lot of entertainment and money is available in large amount. But we compare about T20 cricket to one day cricket there is not enough time to analyse the batsman or bowler in T20 cricket because it can possible one player cannot analyse within a match but one day cricket is one of the cricket is to analyse who is best batsman or bowler (one day player can perform well in T20 but there is no chance of T20 player can perform in one day because there is need of defense and they can be not well defenser.

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