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Yes, but as far as I know you have to make them yourselves.

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Can you download songs for Guitar Hero 3 on the wii?

no,but you CAN download songs and custom them for the Xbox 360

What are Guitar Hero custom songs?

Custom songs are songs that Guitar Hero player across the world cerate in the Guitar hero studio. They make their own tunes and let others play and listen. Any one who has a Guitar Hero game with the studio in it can do it.

Can you create custom songs on guitar hero world tour?

You can add your own custom songs to Guitar Hero World Tour. You cannot create custom songs through the game however.

Where do you go to download custom songs to Guitar Hero 3?

in xbox live menu and click on: downloadable content.

How do you custom songs on guitar hero 5 for PS3 without buying?

you cant custom songs with out buying them and why play guitar hero 5 that game is horrible

Can you put custom songs on Guitar Hero metallica?

no you can not ONLY in guitar hero WORLD TOUR.

Custom guitar hero 2 songs ps2?

there is . i,ve played gh2. there is custom songs.

Will you be able to put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3?

no. you can only put custom songs on gh2

Can you get slipknot on Guitar Hero 2?

Guitar Heror3x8Yeah but you are going to need a fat ps2 (not the new skinny ones or an xbox). is a great place to get custom songs. You will need a DVD burner to burn a DVD-r of the guitar hero files (upload files on regular disk, then burn to the DVD-r) and then will help with the rest. look up on youtube, "how to put custom songs on guitar hero 2"

Download songs for guitar hero for xbox 360?


How do you put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3 for wii?

You don't.

Can you make custom songs in Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii?


Is it possible to get custom songs on guitar hero aerosmith?

No but you can on world tour.

How do you download songs for Guitar Hero 3 xbox 360?

You have to have internet access at home and connect you xbox. In the market place from the xbox you can search guitar hero 3 downloads

Can you download songs on guitar hero 4 for the xbox 360 like you can with Guitar Hero 3?

If by guitar hero 4 you mean world tour the answer is yes. go into the xbox live marketplace and look around.

Can you convert songs to xbox 360 Guitar Hero 3?


How do you get custom songs in guitar hero 2 and 3?

lolz ill kill you

Will you be able to put custom songs on guitar hero 3 for wii?


How do you hack your Guitar Hero 3 game for custom songs?

play station

Can you put custom songs into Guitar Hero World Tour on PC?


How do you get your own custom songs on Guitar Hero 3?

As you have Guitar Hero 3 on the PS2, you aren't able to get custom songs, however, if you have guitar hero 2, you are able to put the disk (assuming it's a proper copy) and in your computer. Youtube can help with this, but you can use "scorehero". Look that up on google. :)

How do you download songs of xbox live onto guitar hero?

you use Microsoft points to downloads songs to buy the song, you have to have Microsoft points, once the song is brought it will automaticly been in your custom songs setlist

How do you put custom songs Guitar Hero 3 for x-box 360?

You burn the songs from the guitar hero 3 to a x-box 360 memory card. <<< That makes no sense idiot, we want songs onto the game that are not arleady on there so why would we burn songs from guitar hero 3 onto the xbox? I don't think you can add your own song to guitar hero.Im pretty sure you can't but I might be wrong.

Is there a way to put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3 like guitar hero 2 and is there a way to put songs from guitar hero 1 or 2 on Guitar Hero 3 mainly the wii version?

"No, in guitar hero 2 it was a glitch which people found out. In guitar hero 3, they fixed it. Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero: World Tour have Downloadable content on the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE." Well, there are some possibilities on adding custom songs to Wii version of GH. You can also use it to customize GHWT, GHM, and on. - well... i hve metallica for wii, and there is a place where i can download sum songs, but they're made by other ppl, and can't be tht long, like i downloaded mini version of through the fire and flames - my email is*

Can you play one Guitar Hero guitar for all Guitar Hero games?

NO,because each gh game has different songs I got Ps 3 and i still havent got no custom songs on gh3