Amazon Rainforest

Are there deers in Amazon rainforest?


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no not in the rainforest

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Not exactly, piranhas are in the Amazon river not the actual rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a tropical rainforest.

The Amazon Rainforest, is a tropical rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is tropical. Lots of people ask this so look at all questions and it will say but the answer is tropical.

It is called the Amazon rainforest because its home is the Amazon River Basin.

How hot is it in the Amazon Rainforest?

Does the Amazon rainforest get permafrost?

The amazon rainforest is always wet if you are in the Amazon rainforest you will aways see it is wet

The AmazonThe Amazon rainforest. Same name as the world's second longest river, also in Brazil.The rainforest in Brazil is located in the Amazon Basin and the rainforest is called the Amazon Rainforest.

There is ONE Amazon rainforest. It is called the Amazon rainforest...

The Amazon rainforest is the tropical jungle/forest of the Amazon River Basin or valley of South America.

Yes the Amazon is a Tropical Rainforest

what insects are in the amazon rainforest

they're some deers in the rainforest but not as many as the ones n the woods!.

Yes it is's the main part of the amazon rainforest.

Yup, There iz bamboo in the Rainforest :) atleast the amazon rainforest. - CiNdAyy<3 Yup, There iz bamboo in the Rainforest :) atleast the amazon rainforest. - CiNdAyy<3

there are 6 countries in the amazon rainforest

here is a picture of a amazon rainforest house

the amazon rainforest is located in northern Brazil

there are 12 seasons in the amazon rainforest

yes you got the right concept it the amazon rainforest is a rainforest biome

The deer that live in the rainforest will eat leaves and grasses that are found there. This is because deer are herbivores.

what is the seasonal variation for amazon rainforest

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